Jessica Mauboy makes it to Eurovision Grand Final

The Aussie songstress prepares for the performance of her life!

After show-stopping performances of her latest song We Got Love on the main stage of Lisbon’s Altice Arena, Jessica Mauboy has officially made it to this weekend’s Eurovision grand final.

Mauboy must now perform four more times: at a TV-ready dress rehearsal of the grand final, a professional jury show, a TV-ready afternoon show and finally the live grand final itself.

The Aussie songstress will compete against amazing talent from Serbia, Moldova, Hungary, Ukraine, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Slovenia and The Netherlands. 


‘She’s got a great song, it’s a real banger,’ says SBS Eurovision host Myf Warhurst. ‘It’s got a nice sentiment as well. It’s about overcoming obstacles and it feels like a celebration of everything we’ve achieved this year with same-sex marriage passing.

‘And, it’s got the possibility for wind machines and hopefully a water feature of some sort.’

Australia is yet to win the Eurovision Song Contest but, we came close back in 2016 with Dami Im, taking home second place.

‘Dami was robbed,’ says Myf.

But, this year she thinks that Jess can go all the way and take home the top position.

‘I think we are in with a really big shot, she’ll be able to do it in her sleep, given how talented she is,’ gushes Myf.

‘Even to get to the top 10 is crazy good.’

And, as an avid Eurovision fan, Myf has a bit of advice for Jess when she takes the stage.

‘I just say turn up the wind machines, make sure she insists on pyrotechnics and sing it like she’s in to win it.’

While, Myf thinks that Jess has the contest in the bag, there is some competition that the television presenter thinks we should look out for.

‘I’m loving Israel’s Netta. She’s sort of doing that strong empowered woman DJ thing and she’s very cool, the song is very cool too,’ she says.

‘There’s so many good ones this year. I like Slovenia, that’s a big dance floor banger. 

Myf Warhurst (right) and Joel Creasey (centre) will be in Lisbon to host SBS’s coverage of Eurovision. Jessica Mauboy (left) will be competing.

‘I’m going for the bangers this year I think, they’re a bit more upbeat. But I could be swayed on the night.’

This will be the second year that Myf has hosted the SBS coverage of Eurovision and, once again, she will be joined by Joel Creasey. The duo took over from Julia Zemiro and Sam Pang back in 2017, and Myf can’t contain her excitement to be back.

‘It was a lot to get your head around the first year,’ she says.

‘But now we know what we’re in for and we seriously cannot wait to take it to the next level.’

‘You can watch it at home but it’s such a different experience when you’re there and you’re on the ground. It’s quite mindblowing, the scale of it, it’s huge!’

And, with the contest being held in Lisbon this year, Myf has been attempting to brush up on her Portuguese.

‘I really can’t wait to go back but I have to do some solid learning before I go,’ she tells.

‘My Portuguese is terrible!’

What’s more, the host is looking forward to digging into the local delicacies.

‘Portuguese tarts are pretty good. I respond to the title of those cakes,’ she jokes. ‘We can all relate to a Portuguese tart.’

Meanwhile, Back in Oz, Myf is busy working on her radio show for ABC, but what fans really want to know is…Will Spicks And Specks ever return?

‘I don’t think so, I mean [Adam] Hills is too famous for us now,’ she jokes. ‘He’s got too much stuff on.’

But, before you get too upset there is some hope.

‘Maybe in 10 years we might do a reunion,’ she reveals. ‘But we’ll be so old by then and it will be depressing, won’t it?’

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