Jennifer Aniston’s mother Nancy Dow cut her out of will

The actress' mum ‘changed her will about a year ago.'

Despite reconnecting with her estranged mother before she died, Jennifer Aniston was reportedly cut out of the will.

Aniston’s mum Nancy Dow died in May this year, but reportedly left her belongings to another relative.

A source tells In Touch Weekly, Dow ‘changed her will about a year ago, and no one in the family knew a thing about it.’

‘Even though Jen and Nancy had a very strained relationship, Jen still paid almost all of Nancy’s bills in her final years,’ says the source.

Anniston stopped talking her mum in 1996 after she gave an interview to tabloid TV show Hard Copy. Then, three years later, Dow wrote about their falling-out in From Mother and Daughter to Friends: A Memoir.

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