Jennifer Aniston ‘runs to Scientology’ amid ongoing Brad Pitt hell

The actress is reported to be flirting with the controversial organisation
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Jennifer Aniston is considering joining controversial religion Scientology – an organisation which has been widely labelled by critics as a cult – as she struggles to get over the emotional legacy of her split from Brad Pitt, according to a US report. 

Sources tell Globe that the actress has only heard good things about the religion, despite years of eyebrow-raising publicity and testimonies from prominent defectors – as well as a scathing documentary produced by a family member. The religion, which claims to help followers overcome emotional problems, is believed to be intriguing to the star as she struggles to move on from the bitter legacy of two divorces.

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“Jen doesn’t understand why people are so anti-Scientology,” dished an insider, according to Globe. “She’s heard only good things about the positive effects it’s had on her famous and non-famous friends.

“She’s been tempted to get involved over the years, but it was never possible due to various conflicts in her personal life. Now there’s no such drama to hold her back, and she’s ready to see what it’s it all about,” the sources adds.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston is alleged to be interested in Scientology (Credit: Getty)

Previously the publication claims that the roadblock for joining came from her ex-husband Justin’s cousin Louis Theroux, who made a documentary about the dangers of the religion.

“Louis’ documentary meant Jen had to park any interest in Scientology until an appropriate time,” notes the source. 

“Now she’s ready for a new chapter in her life and Scientology is looking more and more appealing,”  \the source continues adding that she’s ‘intrigued’ to see where the religion takes her.

Brad Pitt
Brad’s affair with Angelina Jolie has left Jennifer scarred (Credit: Getty)

Current devotees of the religion include Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kristie Alley and Handmaid Tale actress Elizabeth Moss. 

The religion has a controversial reputation. When Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman split in 2001, Nicole moved back to Australia and their children – Isabella and Connor Cruise – chose to stay with their father and have been immersed in the Scientology movement ever since.

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer longs for the carefree days before her divorces (Credit: Warner Bros)

Earlier this year, a Scientology insider made the startling claim that Isabella and Connor were “indoctrinated to hate” the Australian actress. 

The allegations came from Sam Domingo, the daughter-in-law of the world-famous opera singer, Plácido Domingo, who spent 22 years in the Church of Scientology.

“After the divorce, they were indoctrinated into Scientology and very much isolated,” Ms Domingo told DailyMailTV.

Longtime devotee Leah Remini has recently made a string of shocking allegations against the religion, after leaving it. 

Jennifer Aniston has not commented on Globe‘s report. 

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