Hi-5’s Charli Robinson: ‘I’m going to be a mum!’

The presenter can't wait for this next chapter.

Relaxing and spending quality time together on the tropical island of Fiji, ex children’s entertainer Charli Robinson and her race car driver partner Liam Talbot can’t wipe the smiles off their faces.

The couple, who have been dating for two years, are expecting their first child in January – and they couldn’t be more excited.

‘It was surprising and exciting all rolled into one,’ Charli, 37, says of the moment she found out she was expecting.

Currently 17-weeks into her pregnancy, Charli admits things have been going smoothly so far.

‘I haven’t been vomiting or anything like that, I just feel like a slob,’ the Getaway presenter laughs, adding she’s had some strange cravings lately.

‘All I wanted to eat for a while there was tinned spaghetti.’

While some couples prefer not knowing the sex of their baby until the little one is born, Charli and Liam chose to find out beforehand.

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‘For us, it is all part of the excitement,’ Charli says. The pair have already discussed potential names.

‘I wanted a little girl,’ Liam adds. ‘If she’s anything like Charli she will be the cutest thing in the world.’

And while Charli and Liam are counting down the days until their little princess arrives, the pair reveal a secret heartache they’ve been hiding.

Earlier on in their relationship, Charli experienced a missed miscarriage, also known as a silent miscarriage at five weeks.

‘It was quite a shock to find out we were pregnant and then to find out it wasn’t a viable pregnancy,’ Charli explains.


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‘Afterwards was the tough part. I kept thinking I was broken because I hadn’t had my period again and was waiting for my body to reset.’

Charli admits going through this experience made her realise just how much she wanted to be a mum.

‘It’s given me a complete new understanding for women out there and I love that the conversation about miscarriages is so open at the moment, because it’s such an isolating thing for a woman. It made us ready to be parents.’

As Charli prepares to pull out all the old Hi-5 memorabilia, it’s also a special time for Liam.

The 36-year-old racing champion’s father, Ken – a mining billionaire from Brisbane – tragically died in a plane crash in 2010.

‘Father’s Day will be so much more special for Liam next year,’ Charli says. ‘He will just be the best dad.’


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And are there any plans for the couple to tie the knot?

‘We’re just enjoying the journey at the moment,’ Liam explains of any future plans.

‘Life is so good, but at the moment we’re just so happy together and we’re bringing a special little person into the world, so we couldn’t be happier.’

To which Charli adds: ‘We’re together forever.’

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