Home & Away’s Harley Bonner on joining the “dark side” after Neighbours

From Ramsay Street to Summer Bay.
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Home And Away fans have had their first tantalising look at Summer Bay’s hot new doc, Dr Logan Bennet, who will join the show when it returns after the Olympics.

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The newcomer is played by none other than Harley Bonner, a familiar face to any soap fan as the son of Neighbours’ star Carla Bonner aka Steph Scully.

Having appeared on Ramsay Street himself as Josh Willis from 2013 to 2016, Harley revealed making the move to Summer Bay, despite many of his co-stars having done so before him, felt a little like going to the “dark side”.

Harley makes his on-screen debut after the Olympics. (Credit: Seven)

“It was always pitched as the dark side but it is pretty bright and lovely,” he joked to Sydney Confidential.

“It feels very much at home because I have been in those studios for 22 years. I am enjoying every minute of it.”

The 30-year-old also revealed he found the “hot doc” label a little hard to adjust to.

“In that cast I feel like Frodo Baggins,” he said, “They are such a good looking bunch of people, big, strong dudes. I am certainly not insecure about who I am as a person, I just try and always focus on bringing a level of performance and reality to these characters and to these TV series.”

We got our first look at the new doctor in the show’s latest teaser. (Credit: Seven)

Harley has wasted no time settling into his new home and getting close with the cast.

Nicholas Cartwright, who recently joined the show as Officer Cash, shared a cheeky dig at Harley when the first look at his arrival dropped where he’s seen flying in to try and save three favourites who are fighting for their lives.

Sharing the trailer to his Instagram page Nicholas welcomed Harley as well as fellow newbie Jacqui Purvis.

“A few new faces in the Bay when we get back,” Nick began.

“Also lowkey can’t believe Harley got to come in on a helicopter I’m not jealous whatever I take it in stride and I will move on it’s just I didn’t get a helicopter but whatever,” he hilariously penned.

Nick wasted no time welcoming Harley. (Credit: Seven)

Harley’s casting to the role of Dr Logan was first announced back in March.

Commenting on his upcoming arrival to the Bay, Harley said: “It’s been a while since I’ve had the privilege of working on a program that’s such a hallmark of Australian television.

I’m happy to say I picked it back up a lot faster than expected. I really love working on shows like Home and Away, I love my character and I can’t wait for Australia to meet him.”

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