Grant and Chezzi Denyer make an emotional announcement

The couple both take to social media.

Grant and Cheryl Denyer have both taken to social media overnight to share an emotional announcement. 

The 40-year-old Family Feud host took to Instagram to wish his wife of 8-years a happy anniversary. 

He wrote, ‘Happy 8th anniversary bub. I remember crying like a baby when u walked down the aisle.’

Grant also includes a series of family images, sharing that he is proud of the little family they have built together.


‘It’s been an amazing 8 years, a lot of magical moments and yes, a couple of hard times along the way that I couldn’t have survived without your love & joy for life.

‘And what a little family we’ve got! Two of the most spectacular kids anyone could dream of. Choc-a-block full of as much spunk, compassion, tenderness & humour as their gorgeous Mum.’

The radio host continues, ‘I am truly lucky to call you mine. Sorry I still leave my dirty clothes on the chair next to the bed… I’m changing that in 2018. I want to be the perfect husband you deserve. Thanks for 8 wonderful years bringing love & light into my life. Can’t wait to see how much more magical this love story can get. Happy anniversary. I love u Xox’

Cheryl also took to her Instagram to wish her hubby a happy anniversary! 

8 years ago today, we both said I do,’ she began. ‘I never could have imagined that life or love could be this good.’ 

The mummy blogger included some hilarious throwbacks of the couple. 


‘I love you more and more every single day. Two beautiful, gorgeous little girls, that look and act like parts of both of us perfectly blended. A dream come true!’

‘We’ve had more than our share of ups and downs. We’ve shared triumph and we’ve endured tragedy. But nothing ever came close to hurting us because our love bond is so strong,’ Cheryl added. ‘Who would have known 11 years ago when we started our journey together that we would be here, 8 years happily married and looking forward to the rest of our happy lives together.’

The couple share two daughters – Sailor and Scout. 


Happy anniversary to the gorgeous couple! 

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