Former West Coast Eagles star Ben Cousins in hospital

Police were called to the scene after a bizarre traffic incident.

Former West Coast Eagles star Ben Cousins has been taken to hospital after reports he was ‘incoherent’ while trying to direct traffic. 

‘We understand Ben Cousins was standing in the middle of Canning Highway directing traffic, Seven News Perth reporter Blake Johnson said.

‘The guys who wash windows here where you get off the freeway said he was hanging around with them for about three hours but he appeared to be incoherent.’

‘He was really lost, confused and making no sense at all,’ a witness told Seven News.

Cousin’s, who has a history of drug addiction, was reportedly hanging around window washers near Canning Bridge in Perth on Sunday afternoon before going onto the road himself.

Witness Craig Stevens said, ‘We could not understand him so we were like, “We can’t understand you, mate … you’re causing us bad business,”’ Stevens said.

Cousins was taken to Fiona Stanley Hospital in Perth. ABC News reports the incident is being treated as a mental health issue and no charges had been laid against Cousins.

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