EXCLUSIVE: Jessika Power responds to theft allegations against brother Rhyce

The Married At First Sight star defended her tattooed sibling.
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Married At First Sight star Jessika Power has responded to the shocking claims that her brother Rhyce Power stole from a housemate.

The reality star defended her tattooed sibling and said he has always been generous to her and her family. 

The personal trainer, 28, has been accused of pocketing “$50 or $60 cash” and a ring after sharing a villa with an British man in Bali. He completely denies all allegations and has since deleted his Instagram account.

WATCH: Rhyce Power accused of theft after video emerges 

Jessika told New Idea: “Like all allegations that come out about Rhyce I always have my name thrown in the mix, but unfortunately I am not my brother’s keeper, and as close as we are, I don’t hold any rule over how Rhyce chooses to act and live his life. 

“Rhyce has said the allegations are false … I have three other siblings but Rhyce just seems to be the one having all of this rubbish thrown at him.”

Rhyce and his sister Jessike Power
Rhyce and his sister Jessike Power (Credit: Instagram)

Jessika, who recently revealed that she will be appearing on Love Island Australia, added: “Rhyce has never borrowed money from any of us.

“If anything, Rhyce was always the one with the most money and would lend money out to my little sister or brothers if needed.

“He also paid for my younger brother to travel with him whenever he goes anywhere.”

Rhyce has sternly denied the allegations by responding to his accuser on Facebook, where the claims and the video were posted. 


“We lived together in the same villa and yet you called me last week and … [said] you gave me permission to go into your room,” Rhyce said.

“Please explain where I am shown [in the video] stealing? I lived with this person for about two months. He loses a ring and a couple of dollars and blames me and puts this up after I’ve left Bali over a month ago. This doesn’t add up to me.”

According to the Brit, he discovered the money and ring was missing when he went to pay his rent.

The housemate then spent a considerable amount of time looking at CCTV, and claims footage shows Rhyce entering his room approximately three times.

The man said he reported the incident to Balinese police. Rhyce maintains he hasn’t been contacted by police.

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