Ellen DeGeneres shocks audience by giving them $1 million

See the amazing moment here.

Ellen DeGeneres is feeling, well, generous.

The talk show host capped off her 60th birthday celebration on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” by giving her audience a share in US$1 million.

“Everybody in the audience is here for a special reason. All season long, I partnered with Cheerios to encourage people to do ‘One Million Acts of Good’ and if you’re here in my audience, you helped us reach that goal,” DeGeneres said on Friday’s episode.

The comedian went on to tell the crowd that a surprise gift was waiting for anyone who had a box of Cheerios under their seat.

“Isn’t that interesting? What a coincidence!” DeGeneres said.

“You’re all gonna share this gift,” she concluded. “It’s the biggest gift I have ever given anybody ever, and I hope you continue to pay it forward and share all the good. Hold on to your Cheerios because all of you are splitting $1 million.”

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