Have Cyrell and Eden split? Watch the clue in this video

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Cyrell Paul and Eden Dally held a gender reveal party for their unborn baby on Sunday, surrounded by their closest friends and family.

However there’s a clue in a video from the day that has fans questioning whether the reality TV stars have actually split up.

WATCH: Cyrell and Eden’s baby gender reveal

An onlooker captured the special moment they found out they were expecting a boy (watch it above!), and instead of showing excitement and love for each other, Cyrell and Eden appear to be putting on a show.

In fact, the soon-to-be parents don’t even hug after finding out the gender of their baby.

A source close to the couple has opened up to New Idea to say that the reality TV stars actually broke up last week after a huge fight and are not together anymore, but they are just pretending to be so to save face.

According to the insider, Eden and Cyrell were fighting all day on the day of the gender reveal, and they weren’t speaking at the party.

Ex Love Island star Eden was in a foul mood, claims the source, and kicked everyone out of his house half way through Sunday’s NRL grand final game.

Even Cyrell left the party and ended up at the casino alone, while Eden stayed home because he was going off in a rage.

Meanwhile, Cyrell is fed up as Eden “only cares about himself”.

“Cyrell has had enough of him now too. She blew up last week and was calling him selfish and how he doesn’t care about anyone but himself,” the source revealed.

“She was pissed because he wouldn’t do set up pics with her at the beach until he had his fresh spray tan.

“She’s fed up with how he only cares about himself and how he looks. It’s all about him,” the insider added.

The couple are not living together at the moment, says the source.

“She’s not living with him at all anymore,” the insider told New Idea.

Adding: “Cyrell says all Eden wants to do is ‘look at himself in the mirror’.”

According to the insider, guests at the reveal – which was attended by MAFS Cam Merchant and Jules Robinson – said there was no love or affection between the couple.

“They didn’t touch, barely spoke and were seen having an argument during the day then another later on just before Eden kicked everyone out of the house,” said the insider.

A separate source claims that things may not be so grim, with the duo “just going through some stuff”, and allegedly still on solid ground.

What will happen next?

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