Constance Hall and Denim Cooke share a free-spirited romance

“A love that will forever only be for Con and her Denz."
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Free spirit Constance Hall has existed in our zeitgeist for some time now, rising to fame many moons ago in a career as a blogger after a stint on reality TV.

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An outspoken, and sometimes divisive, figure, it’s Constance’s blatant honesty and dedication to authenticity that keeps her fans, whom she refers to as ‘Queens’, throwing their support behind her.

Between the aspirational aspects of her free-wheeling lifestyle, her stunning fashion moments, or her relatable parenting, there’s something about Constance that everyone can love.

And they particularly love her love story with her husband, Denim Cooke.

Constance is best known for her following of ‘Queens’. (Credit: Instagram)

Constance’s success began when she was on Big Brother, but soon evolved into her blogging career, which was the perfect fit given how prolific a writer she is.

Although it’s rare that we follow ‘blogs’ now, Constance still shares lengthy captions on Facebook and Instagram, where she writes about her life and her kids.

Late in 2021, when it had been some time since Denim had been spotted on her Instagram, Constance uploaded a photo of herself beside him, grinning, accompanying it with one of her classic captions.

“I read that this f***er and I had supposedly split up because I hadn’t posted a photo of him on Instagram in months…” she began.

“A love that just is because it is…” (Credit: Instagram)

“I would like to take the opportunity to introduce the media to this insane concept of love, that time and time again survives life’s storms, a love that co-exists with its participants’ life changes, a love that’s so solid it finds its social media validation policy redundant,” Constance wrote.

“A love that just is because it is, doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt and just because I can’t label it, doesn’t mean I can’t express it,” she shared.

“A love that will forever only be for Con and her Denz,” she finished.

However, it’s that level of supposed love between the pair that has us so invested!

(Credit: Instagram)

Constance met Denim at the skate park in 2017.

She’d separated from her first husband and the father of her four kids, Bill Mahon, while Denim had been widowed and was raising two sons alone.

After a whirlwind romance, shared between two kindred spirits, the pair tied the knot in January 2018 in a beautiful outdoor ceremony.

“They say stay away from broken people. I found myself a broken man. He had his heart broken by his first wife before she died. And here I am left with damaged goods,” Constance wrote of their love story in 2019.

Constance with her son, Raja. (Credit: Instagram)

“A man who knows how to love me, where to touch me, a man who writes poetry about me, and when ever I ask a favour responds with ‘your will, my hands’,” she continued her passage.

“My damaged goods knows how to appreciate every day as if it’s our last. Every day. I never thought I was worthy of this love.”

“Too sexy for this world, too crazy and wise and loyal for anything less than eternity,” she continued.

“I love you Denzy.”

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The loved-up couple gave birth to their first child together, Raja, the May that followed their wedding – meaning they had a total of seven children between them.

Taking on life as a step-parent was confronting for Constance, and something she wrote about on Facebook.

 “At the end of last year, with work stresses as well, it all just felt too hard, I wanted to raise the kids one way, my husband raised his another way,” she admitted to her followers in 2020.

“He is stricter than me, comparing our kids was making us hate each other and I felt a ball of fury burning inside me every time he disciplined my little boundary pushers.

“He felt that same fury when he saw how they disrespect me, they felt the same fury when he butted in and so on and so on.”

“You fell in love with their partner, not their children, and that’s ok.” (Credit: Instagram)

“Our job as parents is not to control children but to guide them. The term discipline is derived from the term disciple, meaning to instruct with knowledge,” Constance wrote.

“You fell in love with your partner, not their children and that’s ok. At most you will be like another parent and at the least you will be a good friend,” she advised.

However, when Denim suffered a motorbike accident in 2020, Constance was there to support his sons.

The news was broken to Constance and Denim’s son, Zeyke, at the same time.

“I was in shock,” she told the No Filter podcast.

“Zeyke started walking towards us, Zeyke doesn’t have a mum, and I just didn’t know whether I wanted to be with Zeyke or find out what was going on,” she said.

Denim was airlifted to their nearest major hospital, in Perth, and Constance was told it was likely Denim would be severely brain-damaged if he survived the accident.

Constance feared she might lose Denim when he suffered a motorbike accident. (Credit: Instagram)

“I didn’t know how to process it. There he was, this beautiful man, so vulnerable lying there… The idea of losing him was just too much,” Constance said.

Overcoming all odds, Denim recovered from his injuries, and also recovered from a bout of pneumonia as well and was released to head home in October 2020.

“The accident has taught us so much about each other and about love,” Constance shared on Instagram as Denim became stronger, revealing that the pair had had an argument in the week before the accident.

Denim and Constance in 2021. (Credit: Instagram)

“For some reason I was given another chance, to tell him I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have obsessed over work 24 hours a day, I’ve tried to change you and I’m sorry, love and happiness are so much more ‘us’ than righteousness resentment,” she wrote.

Although Constance clearly keeps some aspects of the relationship to herself, given her most recent words about Denim, their love and bond seem as strong as ever.

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