Cameron Daddo admits to “gaslighting” his wife Alison

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They’ve had their fair share of ups and downs throughout their three-decade marriage, but Cameron Daddo and Alison Brahe’s enduring relationship is a testament to lessons they’ve learned along the way.

WATCH: Cameron Daddo admits to ‘gaslighting’ wife Alison

And in their latest episode of their podcast Separate Bathrooms – and Other Handy Marriage Tips, the couple weighed in on the importance of apologising sincerely when you hurt someone.

During the candid chat, Home and Away star Cameron, 55, confessed he’s been guilty of “gaslighting” his wife Alison in the past.

Cameron Daddo Alison Brahe
In podcast Separate Bathrooms – and Other Handy Marriage Tips, Cameron Daddo (left) admitted he’s been guilty of “gaslighting” wife Alison (right). (Credit: Instagram)

The admission came as Alison, 50, revealed in the podcast that a genuine apology can strengthen a relationship as “someone’s just validated the hurt” that she is feeling due to their actions.

“The flip side of that is gaslighting. Like when I say, ‘that really hurt when you did that’ and you say, ‘I didn’t do that.’”

On hearing this, Cameron sheepishly replied: “I’ve done that to you. I’ve done that. And you know I’ve done that.”

He added: “This is where it’s hard. This is why it’s so difficult to look at the way we hurt people. And I’ve done that with you, [told you] ‘you’re crazy, you’re nuts’ And I’ll apologise again.”

Alison Brahe Cameron Daddo
The couple have been together for three decades (Alison and Cameron pictured in the 1990s). (Credit: Instagram)

The high-profile couple who share three kids together – daughters Lotus, 24, and Bodhi, 14, and son River, 20, – have previously revealed their marriage hasn’t always been smooth-sailing.

In early 2019, Cameron revealed he was unfaithful to his wife when he was working in the US early on in his career in 1994.

“I was the one who left the marriage,” the Aussie actor said at the time, revealing when it came to overcoming his transgressions, “honesty was the best policy”. However, he admits the marriage could never be the same.

Alison Brahe Cameron daddo
“I really try my best to acknowledge when I mess up in a relationship,” explained Cameron. (Credit: Instagram)

While he didn’t touch specifically on the affair in the latest episode of their podcast, Cameron explained he always tries to own up to his mistakes and face the consequences.

“I really try my best to acknowledge when I mess up in a relationship. I take responsibility for this,” he said of relationships generally.  

“But I can’t make another person take responsibility for their part. That’s what I really get challenged with.”

Meanwhile, Alison said a genuine apology can have a positive effect on a relationship with someone.

“It’s such a gift to the relationship because the relationship can’t function unless you heal the hurt. It just can’t. And that’s in any relationship,” the former model explained.

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