EXCLUSIVE: Brynne Edelsten: ‘Meet my baby girl!’

At long last, the socialite’s motherhood dreams have come true.
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She’s had a string of very public and tumultuous relationships that have left her heartbroken and alone. But after all the drama, Brynne Edelsten has finally met the real love of her life, tiny daughter Starr Amari Gordon.

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Speaking exclusively to New Idea, Brynne, 39, admits her gorgeous daughter has turned her once-bedazzled life upside down – and she wouldn’t have it any other way!

“I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since Starr arrived,” says Brynne with a laugh during our recent visit to meet Starr.

“But I wouldn’t trade being a mum for anything – I’m the happiest I’ve ever been,” she adds.

brynne edelsten baby
Brynne gave Starr her maiden name, Gordon, so she’d feel connected to her US family. (Photographer: Phillip Castleton. Hair and makeup: Katryna Cooke.)

Initially closing the door on parenthood a decade ago after being told she was unable to conceive, Brynne admits she didn’t expect to take to mum life quite so easily.

“I didn’t think I had any maternal instinct,” Brynne explains. “Even while pregnant, I couldn’t quite believe it was happening, but as soon as she arrived, we bonded and it all felt very natural.”

While Starr may only be a few weeks old, Brynne can already see some of herself coming out in her little girl.

“I can tell she’s going to be very strong-willed,” Brynne says. “She’s always wriggling around and doesn’t want to be dressed in what I put her in,” she adds, smiling.

brynne edelsten baby
Starr Amari Gordon, 21/04/2022, 3.52kg. (Credit: Phillip Castleton)

But apart from Starr’s “very blue eyes”, Brynne admits that is where their physical similarities end.

“She doesn’t look like me at all, but is the spitting image of her father,” Brynne reveals.

Brynne previously revealed Starr’s biological dad, who she prefers to keep anonymous, won’t be a part of her life, but he has already met her twice.

“I’m still not sure what role he will have, but we’ve met up and he took us out to dinner and [Starr and he] spent some time together, which was really nice.”

brynne edelsten
“Starr’s such a good baby, she never really cries,” says Brynne. (Credit: Phillip Castleton)

As for the future, Brynne isn’t worried if Starr wants to follow in her footsteps and pursue a career in the public eye.

“A lot of the choices I made … my mum [Mariel Gordon] wouldn’t have wanted that for me, but she was always so supportive anyway,” explains Brynne.

“As long as your kids are healthy and aren’t hurting themselves or anyone else … we all need to follow our own path. We need to make our own mistakes and find our own joy.”

While Brynne would still love to find her fairytale happily-ever-after ending, dating is firmly on the backburner for now.

“There is plenty of time for that later on. Right now my whole life is Starr – she’s my everything,” she says.

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