It’s official: ‘Brad Pitt proposes to Jennifer Aniston’

The couple are set to talk down the aisle, according to a bombshell US report - and Angelina is invited
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As rumours went into overdrive that former couple Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have reconciled following their very public reunion at the Golden Globes, sources tell US publication In Touch that Brad has shocked his former wife with a proposal.

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According to the insiders, Brad presented Jen with a $1.2million sparkler before asking for her hand in marriage once again.

‘They’ve gotten so much closer in recent months. They’ve fallen in love all over again,’ the source spills.

The publication claims that Brad wanted to make it official, so he took a leap of faith and Jen was delighted.

brad and jen
Brad and Jen are still in love (Credit: Getty)

‘She said yes! She never expected him to propose and Brad wasn’t sure if she was going to say yes, but he had to do it,’ says the source.  

‘It’s like they are destined to be together. Everyone has said it for years and now they believe it too.’ 

But the couple kept their announcement low key and according to the source told Brad’s mum Jane, who has always had a close relationship with Jen, even when he was married to Angelina.

Brad Pitt
(Credit: In Touch)

Brad is even planning to invite Angelina to his second wedding. ‘He thinks it will further heal their wounds, plus he wants the kids to be there.’

‘Jen hated what Brad did to her, but she never stopped loving him, and now here they are again,’ the source adds. 

Brad recently spoke about Jen, admitting they do stay in touch.

‘I’ll run into Jen, she’s a good friend. Yeah,’ Pitt told Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet.

He then added that their reunion is, ‘The second most important reunion of her year? I understand. That was a play on Friends. They were saying that.’

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