Ari Kimber: I want to be Prime Minister

Move over ScoMo - this housemate wants the top job
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Ever since he entered the Big Brother house, Ari Kimber has manipulated and lied to his fellow housemates – doing whatever it takes to win the coveted prize money.

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But in real life, the recent graduate lawyer, 23, has his eye on a different prize.

“It has been my lifelong dream to become the youngest Australian prime minister in history,” Ari tells New Idea.

“As long as I beat Chris Watson, who was 37 years and 18 days, I’ll be happy. Watch out, ScoMo! Your days are numbered. First stop, the Big Brother house. Second stop, Parliament House.”

Big Brother Ari Kimber
Ari Kimber believes he would make a great Prime Minister. (Credit: Channel Seven)

As for why he would make a great PM, Ari doesn’t hesitate to explain that it’s his ability to make decisions.

“I think I would be an incredible politician,” he says. “I know what is good for people and I am happy to make executive decisions. I think I would always look after this country’s best interests and make it more powerful than ever.”

Meanwhile, Ari is feeling on top of the world after surviving the Mirrored Room challenge, which saw Tilly Whitfeld evicted.

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“I’m so unbelievably excited to be rejoining the game and for a chance to get my revenge on those who evicted me – but I am really upset for Tilly,” he adds.

“It’s no secret that I’m not the most compassionate person on the planet, but Tilly and I became really close in that room and it killed me seeing her so upset, because she wanted to win the game so bad.”

Ari Kimber Big Brother
Ari hated to see Tilly Whitfield leave the show. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Now that he is back in the game, Ari’s fellow housemates better watch their backs.

“I am a vindictive person and do not allow others to screw with me. I am desperate to get back into the house and evict those that had gotten rid of me.”

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