Bert’s Logies shock: Lewd onstage outburst

The Australian TV legend divides viewers.
bertChannel Nine

Australian TV legend Bert Newton received a standing ovation when walking onto the 2018 Logies stage, but his comments following have caused a stir online.

The 79-year-old media vet claimed that younger viewers might see him on screen and ask ‘Where has this old p**f come from?’

Later, Newton spoke about his late friend Graham Kennedy, saying: ‘He enjoyed giving young people a chance on television, he was a great mentor, he mentored a lot of young people.

‘You knew if you went to his dressing room it was locked, he will be inside doing some mentoring.’

Bert’s jokes drew a mixed reaction on social media, with many taking offence.

(Credit: Channel Nine)

However, others praised Newton for his un-PC sense of humour.

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