Bert Newton’s selfless act towards a dying man will warm your heart

He didn't want this story shared until after his death.
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Since news of Bert Newton’s death broke on Saturday, the nation continues to mourn the showbiz legend.

With many celebrities sharing their heartwarming memories about their fond experiences with Bert, another incredible story has come to light which further reinforces the selfless nature of the entertainer.

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During 3AW radio breakfast show with Ross and Russel, entertainment reporter Peter Ford was queried about his best story with his late friend.

He struggled to pinpoint just one moment, but in the end settled on a memory that Bert had stressed he shouldn’t share until he had died.

The story takes place 31 years ago. Peter had a friend who was dying of AIDS in Fairfield infectious hospital. At this time, the stigma around the disease was still lingering, with the public being sceptical as to how it was transmitted. The result was that the patients of the hospital didn’t receive too many visitors.

Peter explained that he asked his famous friends to sign some cards for his sick friend. Everyone obliged except for Bert. But this was because the showbiz icon had something different in mind.

News of Bert’s death broke on Saturday 30th October. (Credit: Getty)

“About five or six days later I went out to the hospital and there was a sort of buzz in the air,” Peter told Ross and Russel.

“I said ‘What’s going on?’ and they said ‘You’re not going to believe it, guess who has just been here? Bert Newton!’

“He’d gone around to every single person … went to their bedside, spent time with them all and made them laugh.”

But Bert’s good deed didn’t stop there.

He is survived by his wife, Patti. (Credit: Getty)

On Peter’s friend’s bedside table, Bert had left one of his cherished Gold Logies. After seeing the award in the hospital, Peter called Bert in disbelief.

“I’ve probably broken some kind of Logie law,” Bert told Peter, the reporter recalled. “So don’t tell this story until I’m gone.”

The 83-year-old showbiz icon finished his life with four Gold Logie awards. 

Bert and Patti share a daughter, Lauren, and son, Matthew. (Credit: Getty)

News of Bert’s death broke on Saturday 30th October. 

The beloved star had been battling ill health for some time and had his leg amputated earlier this year following complications from an infected toe.

He is survived by wife Patti Newton and their two children, Lauren and Matthew.

Bert is to be honoured with a state funeral.

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