Matt Agnew looks unrecognisable after BIG transformation

Thor or Hipster? You decide.
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What do you get when you cross Dr. Matt Agnew with lockdown? A makeover, of course.

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Astrophysicist and Bachelor alum Matt Agnew is currently in the midst of a COVID-induced lockdown, meaning he has no access to a hairdresser. 

On Sunday, the reality star took to his Instagram to share the results of a months-long barber ban and seemingly no attempts at a DIY job.

Posting a photo of his lengthy and slicked back man bun, coupled with a full beard, the astrophysicist wrote, “Tell me you’re in lockdown, without telling me you’re in lockdown”.

Matt Agnew is rocking a man bun and beard. (Credit: Instagram)

The debuted look had a mostly positive reaction, but firmly on board was Matt’s fellow Bachelor boy Sam Wood who wrote “Suits you mate” in response.

Ugandan-Australian actress Suzan Mutesi also voiced her support, comparing the 34-year-old to an Aussie hunk.

“Is that Chris Hemsworth’s brother!! I like it, Thor vibe!” she wrote.

Another user all but called Matt a hipster, asking him when he was opening his “Açai Brothers franchise”.

The Bachelor alum took it in his stride, replying “after I get my sleeve”.

Matt appeared on season seven of The Bachelor in 2019. (Credit: Channel Ten)

While many other comments were digging the look (while also making Braveheart, Survivor and Outlander references), others were convinced they could see some red in the scientist’s hair that wasn’t there before.

I didn’t realise your hair had a red tinge gorgeous!” one user wrote.

Matt was quick to clarify, replying “only my beard has the ginger. I warmed the colours on the pic a bit so it didn’t have such an unnatural white/blue look so my hair doesn’t quite have the strawberry tinge 😞”.

Last year, Matt revealed to Bounty Parents that, since leaving The Bachelor he has tried to control what parts of himself he shares online.

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“You are putting yourself out there and you are subject to a degree of scrutiny and commentary. Being in the public eye with things I am passionate about like science and space, means that I’m not opening up about the private parts of my life so much, it’s a more controlled degree of exposure to the public,” he explained.

As for Matt’s dating life, considering he’s keeping a lid on his private life, we just may never know his relationship status since breaking up with Chelsie McLeod. But, he did tell Bounty that dating wasn’t on his radar for the time being.

“I take a while to bounce back from break-ups, so it’s just something that hasn’t been a priority while I’ve been looking after myself.”

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