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Has Fifi Box’s whirlwind romance come to an end?

"Many are wondering if Fifi’s huge public profile might have proved all too much."
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Fifi Box’s whirlwind romance with the ‘hot dad’ she met at her daughter’s school might have run its course, claim insiders.

It’s been some months since the Melbourne radio host and mum of two, 47, was seen out with her beau Rocky Mangano, himself a dad of two, leading to speculation that they have parted ways.

fifi box walking in the street holding her nose and looking down
The radio host is no stranger to heartache. (Credit: Media Mode)

“While they initially bonded over single parenthood, many are wondering if Fifi’s huge public profile might have proved all too much for Rocky,” says one source.

The break-up speculation comes shortly after Fifi was spotted looking downcast during a pub crawl with her radio co-hosts Brendan Fevola and Nick Cody. The outing was part of Fifi’s world-record attempt for the most pubs visited in the space of 24 hours by an individual, but it had one source wondering if she also used it as a chance to “drown her sorrows”.

The source adds that a night out with good mate Brendan, 43, would be just what the love doctor ordered too. They say the former Carlton footballer always “knows how to keep Fifi’s spirits high” whenever she’s dealing with relationship struggles.

Co-host Brendan is always a huge support. (Credit: Media Mode)

“The thing with Fifi is she knows there will always be one leading man in her life who she can count on, apart from her dad, and that is Fev,” explains the source.

“Through thick and thin, Fev has been such a support to her and a bit of a sounding board for those difficult moments in a relationship.”

Fifi has certainly had to navigate her fair share of romance ups and downs. She famously had a brief, secret romance with former Ironman Grant Kenny, with the couple welcoming daughter Trixie, in April 2013.

Fifi didn’t publicly reveal Grant was Trixie’s father though, until three years later. She then dated Neighbours star Damien Richardson.

That relationship ended in 2018 and the following year Fifi welcomed her second daughter Daisy via IVF and a sperm donor.

Fifi and Rocky are facing split rumours. (Credit: Media Mode)

In August last year, Fifi shared on her radio program that she’d started seeing Rocky. Their daughters attend the same school, and they struck up a conversation after Daisy had a meltdown at the school gates one afternoon.

Things progressed quickly. Rocky and his two children attended Fifi’s daughters’ birthday parties, and he also joined them on family holidays.

Just last month she was still gushing over Rocky, claiming they had found a perfect balance of parenting and romance. “For both of us our kids are our priority,” she told Stellar in a Mother’s Day interview.

“I’m very hands-on, but it’s just lovely meeting somebody who’s in a similar space. We enjoy our time together and then we have our time with our kids. It’s great.”

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