Ashley Graham Naked – Her Best Nude Moments Caught on Camera

Get ready to be slayed by the top Ashley Graham nude photos from Instagram and beyond.

In today’s society we applaud those who find their voice, particularly when bucking the status quo. Plus-size model and voluptuous beauty Ashley Graham is no exception. She is loved for being unapologetically outspoken – and isn’t afraid of posing nude or topless. “You are bold. You are brilliant. You are beautiful,” she says to herself facing the mirror instead of the audience — in an inspiring TED talk on body positivity.

Prior to championing body diversity and advocating a shift in the beauty paradigm, Ashley Graham was teased throughout her childhood for her larger frame. Before the success of being the first ever size 16 plus-size model to pose nearly naked on the cover of the popular Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, Graham was attacked with descriptions like “thunder thighs” and “cottage cheese thighs” by her peers.

Ashley Graham Sports Illustrated
Ashley Graham Sports Illustrated

On top of that, in her evocative memoir A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty and Power Really Look LikeGraham reveals that not only was she was molested at 10 by a family relative but she also survived domestic abuse by a former lover in her 20s.

While her stunning natural beauty landed her an international modelling career at 13, her journey in the industry was paved with rejections and criticism, mostly in the form of nasty remarks about her weight.

At 18, Ashley almost quit modelling. “I can’t take it anymore,” she told her mother who in turn encouraged her to see the light amidst the negativity. Standing in front of the mirror, Ashley told herself repeatedly, “You are bold. You are brilliant. You are beautiful.”

It was self-acceptance and love that finally gave her the empowerment she shares today with the women of her generation.

Standing tall at 175cm with hips at 117cm, a waist of 76cm and a weight of 91 kilos, Ashley Graham is challenging the boundaries of the modelling world and the fashion industrya feat no contemporary of hers has done before.

For so long, curvy women have been a token in the fashion industry. Maybe we saw one curvy model in one editorial in an entire year, or we were limited to a magazine’s shape issue,” says Ashley in an interview with Vogue.

That’s no longer our reality,” she emphasised. Since becoming the breakout modelling star of 2016, the 31-year-old has opened up the plus-size debate for good— and has since been on a mission to change notions of beauty and demolish stereotypes one magazine cover at a time.

Ashley Graham has reached a staggering 7.5 million followers on Instagram which is not bad for someone who not so long ago struggled with the rigid industry standards of fashion. The lack of size diversity prevented Ashley, and models like her, from landing editorial and advertising campaigns due to the restrictive nature of sample sizes. So you can appreciate getting to walk at Paris Fashion Week and becoming a model mentor on Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model, are quite a feat. Without doubt, Ashley Graham’s biggest achievement to date has been her ability to open doors for size representation and body acceptance in society.

Ashley Graham runway

Simply put, plus size model Ashley Graham is a powerful force and a bold presence in the fashion world. It’s her encouraging and empowering invitation to accept every flaw — cellulite and all – that makes her a game-changer in an industry that has for the longest time, embraced and worshipped a one-sided view of perfection.

A true inspiration, Ashley isn’t afraid to flaunt her curves on the red carpet, or share her size –inclusive fashion hacks for women. At her best she displays her fashion-defying bodytopless, almost bare, or completely nudewith grace and confidence, making her a body image hero of women today.

Get ready to be slayed by the top Ashley Graham nude photos from Instagram and beyond.

1. Oh so fine with no lines.

Here you can see Ashley Graham topless on the shores of Saint Maarten. The model boldly displayed her voluptuous boobs giving her fans a teaser for a project shot on the Caribbean island. With over 7,500 ‘Likes’ and glowing comments, this post was loved by men and women around the world back in 2014.

2. Power suit.

Shot by French fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier, for Love Magazine, this image of Ashley Graham nude was part of a collection of portraits of leading faces (and bodies) in the fashion and modelling world. Liked nearly 340,000 times, this has to be one of Ashley Graham’s most classy naked images.

3. Style has no size

This sensual image of Ashley Graham in a swimsuit was taken for the cover of Elle in June 2014. Shot in Quebec Canada, this picture of Graham topless in a simple bikini bottom attracted some very complimentary, not to mention intimate, comments from her loyal fan base.

4. Channelling fashion democracy

Ashley Graham aces lingerie pictorials like no other. Stunningly beautiful, her photos instantly empower women of any size. Who says only stick figures can model lingerie? Ashley Graham rocks this look, which incidentally, was from her own lingerie collection available online.

5. “A little side boob never hurt anybody.”

Love the skin you’re in!” posts Ashley Graham who definitely walks her talk. Be it a two-piece or one-piece, the model puts the curves in swimwear. Going by her Instagram likes, we can confidently say over 14,500 people agree with us.

6. Denim Diva

As the official face, (and body), of plus size clothing line Addition Elle, a topless Ashley Graham shows off her stunning figure in denim. This pic proves women of larger weight can carry off denim with these sculpting jeans.

7. Beach Bae

Nothing complements a swimsuit more than genuine confidence. Ashley Graham takes to Instagram to promote her a Sports Illustrated swimwear event in Miami. With comments such as “Damn she is perfect”, this post was liked over 90,000 times back in 2016.

9. Celebrating cellulites


In this Sports Illustrated special, Ashley Graham nails the slingshot swimwear boldly bearing her beautiful bottom.

A celebration of the full-bodied woman, Ashley brings it on with an Instagram caption to match: “Show me somethin’ natural like ass with some stretchmarks” or cellulite. This post caused a bit of controversy in the comments section with hot debate about whether this is a look larger women, or indeed anyone, should go for.

10. Marital bliss

Just this year, Ashley Graham and her husband Justin Ervin celebrated their eight year anniversary as a married couple. This sizzling pool photo attracted over half a million likes on Instagram.

11. Body beautiful

Ashley Graham makes posing nude with unbelievable confidence look so easy. The size 16 beauty posted this photo, shot for magazine Elle, on National Nude Day no less. Described by one fan as a “work of art” this post as so far gained a solid 340,772 likes since it was posted in July 2017.

12. “No such thing as perfection.”

At a point in time where even baby photos are being photoshopped for Instagram, this image of Ashley Graham naked breaks ground by flaunting all of herau naturelfor magazine. Stating “There is no such thing as perfection so stop striving for it”, she puts it ‘out there’ in more ways than one.

13. Swimsuits are for all

Ashley Graham poses in a sequined see-through swimsuit in this empowering photo. Encouraging women to go ahead and wear the swimwear they’ve always wanted to put on, this post engaged nearly a quarter of a million admirers.

14. Shower scene

On a getaway with husband Justin Ervin, Ashley Graham posts an evocative topless photo while rinsing off by the pool.

15. Free size

Why worry about a bikini’s size when you can go near naked? This classic portrait of Ashley Graham near nude was featured in Sports Illustrated and shot on location in Fiji in 2017.

16. Editorial Material

Proving critics wrong, Ashley Graham lands an editorial gig for a Fashion Unfiltered special feature in 2016.

17. In her element

Ashley Graham enjoys a candid moment at a pictorial by Matthew Eades. As one Instagram commenter posted “Plus sized models make me feel better about myself tbh”.

Another knockout photo of Ashley Graham nude. Shot yet again by Matthew Eades in 2016, shows the plus-size model all-smiles.

19. Destined for fashion

This photo fulfils and celebrates Ashley Graham’s dream: to find designers who are willing to create clothes for women of all sizes. Nepalese-American fashion designer Prabal Gurung is definitely a fashion hero designing a line for plus size women’s clothing brand Layne Bryant in 2017.

20. Women unite

Women Unite

Ashley Graham is part of Alda, a collaboration of female models who aim to empower women all over the world and challenge the perception of beauty. This fun pic shows Ashley Graham naked as she is joined by her also nude colleagues for a pictorial that celebrates a size-inclusive fashion moment.

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