Allison Langdon shares all the gruesome details of her injuries

“I've done a right royal job on it.”
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Today show host Allison Langdon has shared an insight to all the gruesome injuries after a hydrofoiling segment went horribly wrong – leaving her bedridden and forcing her to take time off the show.

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WATCH BELOW: Ally Langdon injures herself while filming for Today Show

The last few weeks have been nothing but nightmares for Allison, after the presenter badly injured her knee and was forced to take a long break from the screen.

The 41-year-old has been quietly recuperating at home with her family, but has now opened up about the exact injuries she suffered as a result of the watersports stunt.

The presenter was forced to take a long break from the screen. (Credit: Instagram)

While she has mostly kept the extent of her injuries private, she appeared on KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O show to reveal that she’s suffered a broken leg and a dislocated knee, among other injuries.

“I’ve done a right royal job on it,” Allison said.

She went on to joke that she will have an awesome scar at the back of her leg after it heals.

When asked when she would likely return to hosting the Today show, she said: “I’m desperate to get back, I actually miss Karl and the team. A couple more weeks and then hopefully.”

allison langdon
Allison suffered bad injuries as a result of the watersports stunt. (Credit: Channel Nine)

In a piece she wrote for the Today show newsletter, Ally explained that her recovery time was extended due to a “nice amount of metal” in her knee, and that she has had to wait a further five weeks before she can put any weight on her right leg.

“Patience has never been a strength of mine so let’s see how we go… I can’t believe what looked like a pretty innocent fall has resulted in such drastic injuries.”

allison langdon
“So nice to get home to these two.” (Credit: Instagram)

Ally also recently shared a sweet snap with her two children after she returned home from the hosptial, writing, “So nice to get home to these two.”

Since then, the presenter has been radio silent on social media.

And while Ally recovers in the comfort of her own home, TV presenter Leila McKinnon has been holding down the fort at Today’s headquarters, hosting with Karl Stefanovic.

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