Abbie Chatfield hits back at body shaming trolls

“No ones business”
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Abbie Chatfield has responded to online speculation on her body weight. 

In an interview with Stellar, the 27-year-old said no one should comment on another person’s weight after receiving countless comments from people saying her weight loss is “concerning”. 

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Abbie said, “People on Instagram love to tell me when my own body is changing, as though I don’t have a mirror”.

“Weight loss happens because of a myriad of things … I am very, very proud of my relationship with food and exercise. I don’t think it’s anyone’s business why someone might have lost weight, unless they express it themselves without being prompted. It doesn’t affect anybody else.”

Abbie Chatfield
“People on Instagram love to tell me when my own body is changing, as though I don’t have a mirror” (Credit: Instagram)

Abbie recently shared on her podcast It’s A Lot with Abbie Chatfield that she is having a hard time eating because she is dealing with a lot of stress. 

The influencer said, “I’m having trouble finding time to eat, and then when I find time to eat I’m having a really hard time chewing food and a really hard time swallowing. I feel extremely nauseous when I eat food … It’s also stress”.

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She has also admitted to having disordered eating habits in the past but has now learned to listen to her body when it comes to exercise. 

“I would run for 10kms every day with ankle weights and wrist weights so it was a punishment and rewards system. It wasn’t a ‘what do I feel like doing’,” she explains.

“Whereas now, I wake up and I would be like ‘I feel like doing yoga right now’ so I’ll do yoga, or I’m feeling a bit anxious, so I feel like going for a run – rather than ‘I should run, to lose weight, to look better, to be more fit’.”

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