Leaked footage shows Konrad Bień-Stephen making out with Megan Marx

Did he cheat on Abbie Chatfield?!
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Rumours have long swirled that Konrad Bień-Stephen allegedly cheated on Abbie Chatfield with Megan Marx while they were filming The Challenge Australia (a new reality show set to premiere on 10 and 10 Play in late 2022).

Well, Kyle and Jackie O have shared some rather steamy footage of Konrad and Megan getting hot and heavy in a hot tub.

WATCH: Konrad and Megan get together while filming The Challenge

In the footage you can clearly see it’s Konrad and Megan and they’re just chatting while relaxing in a jacuzzi before suddenly, they start kissing.

The only thing that’s still not one hundred percent clear is whether this happened while Konrad was still in a relationship with Abbie.

One source claimed months ago to the Daily Mail that Konrad and Abbie split up before he went away to film The Challenge.

Abbie Chatfield and Konrad
Footage of Konrad and Megan making out has leaked from The Challenge Australia but it’s rumoured he was dating Abbie at the time the make out session happened…. (Credit: Instagram)

Apparently, he arrived on set and revealed he was recently single, and began a dalliance with Megan shortly after.

“The drama is insane, Konrad is sleeping with Megan [Marx],” the source revealed.

“Konrad said he was single and his relationship with Abbie Chatfield was over because she broke up with him.”

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“On the first night of filming he hooked up with Megan. I didn’t know what was happening,” they continued.

That’s not the only drama to arise out of The Challenge Australia; Konrad’s ex, Brooke Blurton, whom he met on her season of The Bachelorette, is also a cast member of The Challenge.

“It was extremely awkward, because he was all over her [Megan] the second we started filming. It was like he was trying to make Brooke jealous because she was there too,” the source said.

megan marx
One source has claimed that Konrad only made out with Megan (pictured above) to make Brooke Blurton jealous… (Credit: Instagram)

Abbie and Konrad met through a mutual friend in Byron Bay last year, and were papped kissing and dancing together in a local pub.

At the time, Konrad was still a frontrunner for Brooke’s heart on The Bachelorette, causing drama for the franchise.

However, Abbie and Konrad confirmed their relationship once the season ended. They also remained candid about their relationship being open, meaning they were allowed to sleep with other people.

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Abbie confirmed that she had split from Konrad after the Megan cheating rumours emerged online but stressed that there wasn’t a ‘dramatic’ reason behind the breakup and it had nothing to do with their relationship being non-monogamous.

“There’s reasons why I haven’t confirmed this yet but there’s been a lot of speculation and articles and rumours,” Abbie said in an Instagram video.

“I guess I wanted to confirm that yeah, Konrad and I have broken up. We’ve been broken up for a couple of months now.”

“No one did anything bad or awful, there’s no drama to it. It was not because we were in an open relationship… Nothing bad happened,” Abbie emphasised.

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