House Swap! Where the Royal Family are set to live following the Queen’s death

From 4-bedroom houses to 775-room estates - The Royal family have over 30 official residences to choose from.
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Following Queen Elizabeth II’s death earlier this month, many have been curious whether King Charles III will move into Buckingham Palace. 

Watch Below: Harry, Meghan, William and Kate attend Windsor Castle

But moving house is no simple measure for the new King, who has over 30 royal residencies at his disposal, and the question of where and if he will move has become a pressing question on everyone’s mind. 

Whilst there are many potential properties, it is not likely Charles will stay in them all, with History Professor Anna Whitelock explaining to the BBC, “the optics of the Royal Family having multiple residences when the UK is facing a cost of living crisis is potentially difficult.” 

It’s also suspected that Charles will instead open a number of residencies to visitors, including his mother’s favourite property Balmoral Castle.  

Buckingham Palace
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Buckingham Palace

Traditionally, the monarch of the United Kingdom has resided at Buckingham Palace, a 775-room castle in London and one of the most famous symbols of the Royal Family. 

However, Charles has long made his discontent with the palace clear, describing it as draughty, too large and impersonal. 

Charles has also “talked about turning it into more of an office” claims royal historian Robert Lacey to the BBC

Whilst it is likely the couple will move to Buckingham Palace, as many reigning monarchs before them have done, it has also been suggested that Charles and Camilla could keep a small living quarter in the palace and open up more areas to visitors.

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Balmoral Castle

Balmoral Castle was long seen as the Queen’s favourite residence, acting as a summer retreat and ultimately the place where she passed away

Whilst the castle has remained a summer home for members of the royal family since Prince Albert bought the property in 1852, it is believed that Charles may turn the property into a museum in honour of his mother. 

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Windsor Castle

The oldest inhabited castle in the world, Windsor Castle became the Queen’s formal residence earlier this year. 

Whilst Charles has now inherited the castle, the Sunday Times has reported that William and Kate may be moving in following their new titles. However, the new Prince and Princess of Wales moved into Adelaide Cottage with their children just weeks before the Queen’s death.

Adelaide Cottage is only a ten-minute walk away from Windsor Castle and it is believed the family moved in to be closer to the Queen as her health deteriorated. It is currently unknown whether the family will remain at the four-bedroom property or move to Windsor Castle. 

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Highgrove House

Charles spent his first day as King at Highgrove House, a residence that has long been a retreat for him since he bought it in 1980. 

Charles and his then-wife Princess Diana renovated the nine-bedroom mansion, placing emphasis on creating an environmentally friendly landscape of rare trees and plants. 

The estate technically belongs to the Duke of Cornwall, which means Prince William, who has since taken that title is the official owner.

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Frogmore Cottage

Frogmore Cottage remains Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s U.K home. The couple controversially spent 3.2 million to renovate the property in 2020 before they decided to move to California. 

Later that year Princess Eugenie and her husband took up residence at the cottage, however, they moved out in May 2022

Royal residences
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