David Campbell: ‘My son is Princess Diana reincarnated’

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TV star David Campbell says while he once dismissed the “silly” idea his four-year-old son may be Princess Diana reincarnated, too many eerie things have happened too be entirely sure. 

The Today Extra presenter wrote a candid column for Stellar magazine where he revealed his four-year-old son Billy believes he is the People’s Princess, who died in a car accident in 1997.

WATCH David Campbell speak about his son’s eery knowledge of Diana, Princess of Wales:

Starting when Billy was two-and-a-half, the tot shared stories that seemed spookily detailed.

As he grew they became more compelling – including when mum Lisa received a card with Princess Diana on it and little Billy pointed at it and said, “Look! It’s me when I was a princess.”

More eerie remarks followed, with little Billy revealing he had two sons, and a brother named John – which was dismissed until David discovered Diana had an infant sibling named John, who died a year before she was born.

And then came the most jaw-dropping moment of them all, when Lisa showed Billy another photo of Lady Di. 

“Billy said: ‘There’s me as a princess. Then one day the sirens came and I wasn’t a princess anymore’,” David remembered. 

“People shiver when we tell them this one.”

Campbell maintains his son has no knowledge of the monarchy, so his ability to recount these facts is spine tingling.

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Speaking on TV the next day, David also talked about Billy’s claim that spirits take him at night ‘and bring him back by morning.’

He says he and wife Lisa have ‘tested’ their son’s apparent knowledge of Diana’s life, with uncanny results. 

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