WATCH: Why the Queen couldn’t stop laughing during farm visit

Her Majesty has a right royal laugh
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The Queen isn’t exactly known for her raging sense of humour, but the usually sober-faced monarch was tickled pink during a farm visit in Edinburgh overnight after interacting with two residents.

Looking at a pig that was struggling to make itself comfortable in the heat, the Queen was seen pointing and laughing, as her farmer host noted the animal ‘has a bit of an itch’.

The funny moment was widely shared on social media, with one Twitter user captioning the clip, ‘The Queen was amused this afternoon when she visited @GorgieCityFarm and met a rather itchy pig.’

(Credit: Getty Images)

But the fun didn’t stop there, when the monarch encountered a ducked named olive, who broke royal protocol by casually walking ahead of the monarch.  The queen was equally amused by the moment, in which the bird seemed oblivious to the importance of the visitor walking behind her.  

Farm keeper Maia Gordo noted: ‘It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and a bizarre moment.

‘I never thought I’d be meeting the Queen and walking a duck with her but it was brilliant, lots and lots of fun.

‘She asked me a little bit about how long Olive had been here, how old she was and she asked me a little bit about my day-to-day job, which was lovely.

‘She seemed really interested in the farm and everything that we do.’

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