Queen Margrethe thought Frederik would never get married


Prince Frederik had a reputation in the media for being a bit of a bad boy when he was younger.

But, now it has been revealed that his mother Queen Margrethe II was worried he would never settle down and get married – despite being in line for the throne!

“There is some suggestion that his parents ensured his younger brother [Joachim] got married first because they weren’t sure if he was ever going to get married,” royal commentator Angela Mollard reveals on the podcast, New Idea Royals.

“Yet Mary has been sort of the backbone of this new family.”

Danish royals
Frederik and Margrethe with Joachim. (Credit: Getty Images)

Of course, we all know that he fell for the then, Mary Donaldson and now, the couple have recently celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary on May 14.

“It doesn’t feel like 15 years does it?” Reminisces Angela.  

“I think what was most touching about their wedding was when Prince Frederik welled up with tears when his wife walked down the aisle.

“There’s been a lot made out of their relationship and lots of people say that she is the strong one and he is the more emotional more vulnerable one.”

mary and fred
Mary and Fred were married 15 years ago. (Credit: Getty Images)

Of course, the couple have chosen not to say anything about their anniversary publicly.

“They’ve said nothing about, which I kind of like,” says Ange.

“What I like about them is that they are visible but they aren’t grandstanding… there’s limited access.”  

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