Why Princess Mary was uninvited from The Queen’s funeral

It’s a highly “embarrassing” situation
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Princess Mary is keeping a stiff upper lip after a highly “embarrassing” situation that saw her booted from the Queen’s state funeral at the last minute.

Initially confirming the Aussie-born princess’ attendance in the lead-up to the historic event, a statement was subsequently issued clarifying that Mary’s invitation had been rescinded. 

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The reason? Only two dignitaries per country were reportedly permitted to attend, with Mary’s mother-in-law, Queen Margrethe, and husband, Crown Prince Frederik, filling those spots for Denmark. 

However, the mystery deepened when it was pointed out that the Netherlands had three attendees: King Willem-Alexander, Queen Maxima, and former queen, Princess Beatrix, who abdicated.

Jacob Heinel Jensen, the royal correspondent at Danish news outlet B.T., says the retraction fiasco – and subsequent public admission – has been “really clumsy and unfortunate” and “embarrassing”.

Queen Margrethe and Prince Frederik attended the funeral
Queen Margrethe and Prince Frederik attended the funeral (Credit: Getty)

The expert says he was surprised when the Danish Royal House initially issued their statement confirming Mary’s attendance alongside Margrethe and Fred.

“When I was in London … the British media wrote that there were only two invitees per country,” Heinel Jensen notes.

But given the “extra close ties” between the houses, the commentator says it’s understandable the Danes presumed they’d receive “three invitations” – particularly as Mary  was known to Queen Elizabeth II and had met her on several occasions.

“I think the Royal House easily understands that a mistake has been made,” Heinel Jensen concluded.

Queen Margrethe fought back tears as she sat in the front row at last week’s state funeral. 

The occasion was significant for the Danish monarch on several levels, including that she is now Europe’s sole remaining ruling female monarch. Margrethe and Elizabeth II shared a lifelong friendship. 

Following the latter’s death, Margrethe told King Charles: “Your mother was very important to me and my family … a great inspiration to us all. We shall miss her terribly.”

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