“Ready to have a voice of her own!” Kate’s shock interview

It's the sit-down the world's waited for - and there's a lot to discuss
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After more than a decade of serving the Crown with dignified silence, Catherine, Princess of Wales, is preparing to give an exclusive look at her life for the very first time.

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In what would certainly be a global ratings bonanza, New Idea has heard Kate, 40, has been approached by numerous television networks to do a wide-ranging TV interview. 

For now, no topics have been taken off the table. Insiders say producers are eager to have Kate open up about being mum to a future king and her life as Prince William’s wife.

Of course, they hope she might also address her difficult relationship with Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex. 

If given the green light, the interview would be a surprise move for the usually reserved mother of three, who has fiercely guarded her privacy since she began dating Wills in 2001.

Princess Catherine
The interview would be a surprise move for the usually reserved mother of three. (Credit: Getty)

“Kate is not a natural public speaker, and she used to be overcome by nerves in interviews,” a source tells New Idea.

“But she’s come through a lot in the past few years and she’s stronger, more confident, and ready to have a voice of her own. William, who was never a big fan of his late granny’s ‘never complain, never explain’ ethos, is fully supportive of Kate.”

While royal expert Phil Dampier admits he is not aware of any immediate interview discussions, he agrees Kate “must feel like screaming from the rooftops about what she really thinks”.

“She must be tempted to do a no-holds-barred interview,” he tells New Idea. “It’s a big if, but if Kate did do a sit-down chat, she’d want to defend herself and her family”.

Kate and Meghan
“She must be tempted to do a no-holds-barred interview.” (Credit: Getty)

At the top of the agenda for any self-respecting interviewer would be asking Kate’s thoughts on being smeared by her brother and sister-in-law, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan.

Last year, Meghan insisted to Oprah Winfrey that Kate had made her cry in the lead-up to her wedding, while many royal insiders insist the opposite is actually true.

“I’m sure Harry and Meghan would fear Kate speaking out, because she could directly refute some of their claims,” says Phil. “But Kate wouldn’t want it to turn into a slanging match.”

Kate and Will
Kate is ready to ready to “have a voice of her own.” (Credit: Getty)

If Kate – who stars in a new official portrait alongside the new King and Queen Consort and Wills – were to speak out, it would “stop Meghan in her tracks”.

“She seems determined to outshine Kate … recently releasing new portraits in competition with her,” says our source. “This interview would certainly eclipse any ratings Meghan generated. Everyone wants to know Kate’s side of the story.”

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