Princess Diana’s secret letters to Charles are being auctioned

‘32 highly personal letters’
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Princess Diana wrote personal letters from herself to Charles during her divorce which Diana’s friends are now selling. 

Lay’s Auctioneers have announced that they are auctioning 32 letters that Princess Diana wrote herself and have described them as “highly personal letters and cards” as “astonishing” and “confidential.”

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The letters were sent to Diana’s friends Susie and Tarek Kassem in the last two years of her life. 

Lay’s said in a statement, “Susie & Tarek Kassem, as very close friends of Diana, Princess of Wales, have treasured these letters for over 25 years. They reflect the special and loving relationship they had with the most unique women that they had ever known”. 

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“Now, in 2023, the ownership of these poignant documents is a responsibility that the Kassems do not wish to pass on to their children or grandchildren. They have decided to sell the letters and use proceeds of the sale to support some of the charities that were close to Susie and Diana’s hearts.”

Lay’s said that her friends have made the decision to auction the letters to “to give other people the opportunity of acquiring ‘a memento’ of the Princess, and in doing so, support causes that were important to her.”

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The money will go to a charity that was close to Diana’s heart although the charity was not named in the statement. 

“The Kassems have kept some of their more personal and confidential letters, but largely this collection of over 30 letters and notecards illustrate Diana’s immensely warm and loving disposition in a charming and delightful manner,” the statement continued. 

“Some letters do touch on the enormous stress she was experiencing during periods of very public heartbreak, yet her strength of character and her generous and witty disposition shine through.”

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