Princess Anne furious with Queen Camilla for dropping the ‘consort’

Tensions are high between the sisters-in-law…
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She was a strong support to King Charles during his coronation, but Anne, Princess Royal, is putting all pleasantries aside, now that the pomp and circumstance is over.

One week on from the historic event, New Idea’s royal insiders reveal the relationship between Anne and Queen Camilla has “all but broken down”, with the King’s only sister no longer holding back on her newly crowned sister-in-law.

WATCH: The Royal Family appear on the balcony after King Charles III’s coronation

Ahead of the King’s big day, Anne, 72, confronted Camilla, 75, at a celebratory coronation dinner. Royal dressmaker David Emanuel, who designed Princess Diana’s wedding gown, revealed the pair had a “highly charged” falling out over Camilla’s title.

“I heard that there was a dinner with which obviously the King and Camilla were there … Apparently, the Princess Royal said, ‘You’re not Queen, you’re the Queen’s consort,’” he explained.

Indeed, in February last year, the late Queen Elizabeth II declared it was her “sincere wish” that Camilla be known as Queen Consort when Charles took the throne. This was an upgrade from the previously announced Princess Consort title the palace said Camilla would be using when Charles, 74, became King.

princess anne
Princess Anne is not happy with her sister-in-law Queen Camilla… (Credit: Getty)

Sources tell New Idea that it is unlike Anne to “lash out like that”, but claim she is fed up with her sister-in-law.

“Anne feels Camilla overstepped the mark ahead of the coronation by referring to herself simply as Queen,” says one insider.

“She showed no humility by dropping ‘consort’ and no-one knew she would be taking the full title of Queen since the late Queen’s announcement,” shares the source, who adds the title change has “ruffled Anne’s feathers”.

Minutes before the coronation, Buckingham Palace updated the royal family’s website to include Camilla’s new designation – though insiders point out she had been using it already.

WATCH: King Charles III and Queen Camilla arrive at Buckingham Palace after coronation

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“This isn’t about Anne’s loyalty to her mum – this is about protocol.”

Since the tense dinner, Camilla has largely avoided Anne. They weren’t pictured together at the coronation, besides the family portrait in which the King was placed between them. For now, Anne is being “respectful”, continues the source, and getting back to work.

However, they say that she will remain critical of Camilla if she does not toe The Firm’s line.

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