Prince Philip’s nickname for Queen Elizabeth has been revealed

So sweet.

To the public, she goes by ‘Her Majesty’, but that’s not what husband Prince Philip calls Queen Elizabeth.

It has been revealed that the Prince calls his wife ‘Cabbage’.

Why? You may you ask. It is thought to be a translation from the French term ‘mon petit chou’ which means ‘my little cabbage’.

That’s not the only royal family nickname she goes by as it is widely known that her father King George VI called her ‘Lilibet’ as The Queen herself found it hard to pronounce her own name.

royal family
(Credit: Getty Images)

Other reported nicknames, include Prince William hilariously calling her ‘Gary’ as revealed in a memoir by Richard Kay before knowing how to say ‘Granny’ along with Prince George calling Her Royal Highness ‘Gan-Gan’.

Meghan Markle has also apparently nicknamed her grandmother-in-law by using Princess Diana’s nickname for The Queen, ‘Mama’.

We wonder what The Queen makes of all these nicknames…

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