Prince Philip RUSHED to hospital

This has given the royal family quite the scare.
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Philip, Duke of Edinburgh has been admitted to hospital in London after feeling unwell this week.

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The royal, who is 99 years old, was transported to Edward VII Hospital on Tuesday this week with an official statement from Buckingham Palace clearing up concerns royal followers and fans may have for the Duke.

In a statement, Buckingham Palace said: “The Duke’s admission is a precautionary measure, on the advice of His Royal Highness’s Doctor, after feeling unwell.

Prince Philip
Prince Philip has been admitted to hospital as a precautionary measure. (Credit: Getty)

It is expected Philip will spend several days in hospital for observation and rest.

While the move is precautionary, there is still some concern among royal fans as to whether Philip will be exposed to the COVID-19 virus while in hospital.

He has spent the larger part of the last 12 months at Windsor castle, residing there alongside his wife Queen Elizabeth as they remained in strict isolation from the country.

Fans reacted to the news as expected – with slight alarm and worry.

“Terrible time to be admitted into hospital when people aren’t allowed any visitors. I wish him a speedy recovery,” one wrote on Twitter.

Prince Philip
It is expected the Duke will remain in hospital for several days. (Credit: Getty)

Another said: “I wish him well. Being in hospital is a scary time for everyone regardless of age or position.”

The last time Philip was admitted to a hospital was back in December 2019, again as a precautionary measure.

At the time, the Duke spent several days there before returning home at satisfactory health.

His fans remain on tender hooks given Philip’s age, though his 100th birthday is set to be a big occasion this year.

Prince Philip and Queen
Philip is due to turn 100 in June this year. (Credit: Getty)

Indeed, it’s understood the Queen has arranged some special additions to the big birthday this year – a report from The Mail On Sunday during the first Covid lockdown last year suggested as much, explaining that while the mother-of-four’s current schedule is wide-open, she’s been using this time to plan some upcoming milestones.

These included her platinum jubilee in 2022 and Prince Philip’s 100th birthday.

Falling on June 10, we’ll certainly look forward to it – and wish Philip a speedy recovery in the interim.

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