Prince Harry shares moving words about Meghan Markle

The sweet moment the Royal couple shared
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Prince Harry has gushed over his wife Meghan Markle while out and about in South Africa for the Royal tour, describing the Duchess of Sussex as ‘the best mum’. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were visiting Monwabisi Beach, near Cape Town’s Khayelitsha township, when talked quickly turned from parenthood to mental health. 

The royal couple were visiting the ‘Waves for Change’ charity, which focuses on helping young people’s mental health through surfing. 

WATCH: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry discussing ‘Waves for Change’

In footage captured of the couple, a clearly moved Prince Harry and Meghan Markle spoke about the incredible work of the Waves for Change charity.

“You know what’s so amazing about being here today is that you can see there is so much good happening here in the world,” Meghan began.

“There’s so much positivity and there’s all this diversity and inclusivity, I think the focus is on that and that’s why it’s so great that you’re here today.” 

meghan harry
Prince Harry and Meghan visiting Monwabisi Beach (Credit: Getty)

“Exactly what Meghan said,” Harry chimed in. 

“What these kids are doing, the coaches are the main thing, because they’ve had this quite unique experience. I say unique, but it’s not as unique as you would think because so many communities have been through very similar traumatic experiences.

“But they’ve now come into a place like this, into this charity to be able to not only share their experiences but to help the younger generation. We’re talking about a whole generation of kids that have basically had no role models at all, and that generation are now coming in and saying, ‘you know what, you didn’t have those opportunities, we’re now going to give you that opportunity’.”  

meghan harry
Meghan and Harry with the ‘Waves for Change’ mentors. (Credit: Getty)

This isn’t the first comment of Prince Harry’s to capture people’s attention on the royal tour of South Africa. 

The prince, 35, made a revealing comment about his own mental health during a chat with a member of the public while on duty in Cape Town. Speaking to student Peter Oki, Prince Charles’ second son revealed the weight that is on his shoulders.

“Harry said he often woke up and felt overwhelmed by too many problems in the world, that sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed in the mornings,” the student told The Sun.

(Credit: Getty)

The source continued: “But he wanted to use their platform to enable grass-roots change and to try and create a better society.” 

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