Duchess Sophie standing by Prince Edward in his darkest time

The family's shining star is stepping up for her husband.
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It’s been almost a year since the royal family, and the world, farewelled Queen Elizabeth II – and sources tell New Idea that her youngest son, Edward, Duke of Edinburgh, is still struggling with her death. 

In a statement at the time, Prince Edward, 59, admitted his mother’s passing had “left an unimaginable void in all our lives”.

Recent public appearances of the royal looking a shadow of his former self seemingly confirm that his grief is still very much raw. 

WATCH NOW: Prince Edward, Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh and family arrives at the coronation of King Charles II. Article continues after video. 

Insiders say that losing his parents within less than two years of each other has left Edward shell-shocked. 

He and his wife, Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh, and their children, Lady Louise and James, Earl of Wessex, shared a close bond with both the late Queen and Prince Philip. 

The family lived just a stone’s throw away from Windsor Castle and visited regularly. 

“The Queen’s death left a void in our lives.” (Credit: Getty)

Thankfully, Sophie, 58, has been her husband’s rock throughout it all. 

Celebrating their 24th wedding anniversary last month, Sophie has always been Edward’s biggest champion and has been ensuring he keeps his head above water. 

The couple’s lives have certainly been busier since becoming the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, per the wishes of his late parents. 

The death of his parents hit Edward hard, and he is still struggling with the loss. (Credit: Getty)

Their elevated rank comes with more responsibilities and public-facing duties and has seen them become vital supports to the Prince and Princess of Wales. 

Sophie has certainly risen to the occasion and has emerged as a star within the royal family.

Following the exit of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as working royals, the newly minted Edinburghs’ have stepped up to fill the space – with Sophie, in particular, doing the lion’s share.

In 2022, the duchess did a commendable 138 royal engagements, putting her right behind the ‘hardest-working’ family member, Anne, Princess Royal.

The family arriving at the coronation of King Charles III. (Credit: Getty)

“She fell into her role so brilliantly and has been dedicated to doing everything right,” said royal family friend, Penny Mountbatten.

A recent report in The Times also heralded Sophie as an “unappreciated trooper” and the family’s “safest pair of hands.”

It’s a far cry from her early days when she made a number of gaffes while trying to ride the line between commercial deals and royal duty. 

But fast-forward to today, and in the wake of the loss of the Sussexes, it’s been reported that Duchess Sophie is now seen as the King’s “secret weapon”.

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