Charles & Louis: Inside their special bond

It’s clear who rules the future king’s heart.
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Prince Charles loves his five grandchildren equally, but even he admits to having had a soft spot for Prince Louis from the moment the youngest Cambridge child started walking and talking.

WATCH BELOW: Prince Louis waves on the balcony at The Queen’s Birthday Parade

“Charles adores his cheeky little grandson,” says a source.

“No-one makes Charles laugh like Louis, with his bombastic ways and bursts of energy. Equally, no-one can calm Louis down like ‘Grandpa Wales’ can. They have a special bond.”

Never was that more evident than during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

prince charles louis
Mischievous Louis was seen sitting on his grandpa’s lap at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant. (Credit: Getty)

Louis, 4, made headlines around the world for putting on a turn for his mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, 40.

He covered ever-patient Kate’s mouth with his hands and blew raspberries when she tried to stop him. According to royal cousin-in-law, Mike Tindall, Louis’ antics were all thanks to a sugar high.

Soon after, cameras caught Louis asking to “go and sit with Pa”, rushing past Princess Charlotte, 7, Prince George, 8, and 39-year-old Wills to climb on to the 73-year-old’s lap.

prince charles louis
Grandpa duties! (Credit: Getty)

“Kate was amazed, he settled right down and watched the show happily,” says a source.

“Charles was pretty tickled by that as he loves Louis. He’s had lots of practice wrangling cheeky little boys thanks to Prince Harry, who was similarly naughty when he was 4 years old.”

The source went on: “Charles often remarks that George is like seeing William as a child all over again, and Louis is Harry. Having Louis around has been just the tonic for Charles, who’s devastated at how it’s all gone wrong with Harry, but there’s a sense he’s getting another chance with his grandson.”

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