Royal marriage hell: Prince Charles ‘plans to cut bitter Camilla out of his will’

The royal marriage is the subject of an out-there report
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Prince Charles is planning to cut his wife Camilla Parker Bowles out of his will amid mounting tensions between them, according to as sensational published report today.

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American magazine Globe outrageously claims Camilla is ‘beside herself with rage over the snub’ and ‘threatening to spill shocking royal secrets’ over the supposed threat to dump her from Charles’ will- but the 71-year-old heir is said to be indifferent.

According to the source, Charles allegedly wanted to divorce Camilla years ago, but he bided his time and put up with her antics, fearing she would become a loose cannon. But it seems those days are gone.

‘Charles is done with the stiff-upper-lip attitude he’s followed most of his life and plans to even the score by changing his will,’ alleges the source.

‘Up until now he’s kept his anger and grudges in check publicly. But he plans to laugh in his grave when his will is read.

Charles Camilla
Charles has his hands full with family dramas (Credit: Getty)

‘Now, he’s wielding his $1.3 billion fortune as a sword of vengeance. Charles is leaving Camilla nothing. She’s furious and griping constantly,’ they add.

Camilla and Prince Charles have reportedly struggled to gain their footing as a couple – largely due to the fact that they had engaged in an affair while Charles was still married to the commonly adored Princess of Wales, Diana.

Globe’s source also claims that Charles is planning to only leave Prince Harry only a third of what he would normally leave him, following his son’s exit from the royal family.

‘The rest will go to William and Kate and their kids. That will certainly put a crimp on Meghan’s money grab,’ the source concludes. 

The palace has yet to comment on Globe’s outrageous claims. However insiders claim that Charles and Camilla have one of the few rock solid marriages in the palace, and reject the claims of major tension. 

Camilla Harry
Harry and Camilla are both getting cut out, claims Globe (Credit: Getty)

It is known that work-shy Camilla has been dreading the prospect of potentially becoming Queen.

A member of Camilla’s family has expressed ‘worry’ over Camilla having to assume the title of Queen, telling royal author Penny Junor: ‘Between Diana and the Queen is a hard place to be. How is she going to be judged? It’s going to be such shake-up.

‘I think it would be better for her if she became Princess Consort.

‘Between Diana and the Queen is a hard place to be. How is she going to be judged? It’s going to be such shake-up.

‘I think it would be better for her if she became Princess Consort.’

After today’s bizarre report, it remains to be seen if titles will even become an issue.

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