Charles and Camilla renew their vows!

The future king and duchess are set to make royal history
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Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, have stood tall as beacons of trust and hope throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

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As a result, there are growing calls for the royal couple to renew their wedding vows – and also the potential of a title change for Camilla so that she becomes Queen when Charles eventually takes the throne.

Royal author, Phil Dampier, says that Charles, 71, and Camilla, 73, have been impressive operators during the pandemic, and as a result “their popularity has sky-rocketed”.

Charles Camilla
There are growing calls for Camilla Parker-Bowles and Prince Charles to renew their vows. (Credit: Getty)

The manner in which the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall handled Charles’ own COVID-19 diagnosis earned them respect both within the royal family and among the public.

“It was an example the Queen would have been proud of,” Phil notes.

Meanwhile, Camilla has been lauded for embracing online communication platforms and social media during the health crisis, as well as her ability to show genuine empathy to others during this unique time.

Charles Camilla
Prince Charles and Camilla pictured at their low-key wedding in 2005. (Credit: Getty)

“Tributes to Camilla have been piling up on social media, with people realising her warmth and sincerity,” Phil says.

Camilla’s new-found popularity is a far cry from pre-COVID times, when she was regularly named one of the most disliked members of the royal family. This stems from Camilla being Prince Charles’ mistress while he was previously married to the universally adored Princess Diana.

A recent report in The Telegraph by respected royal commentator and author, Simon Heffer, noted that the public have finally warmed to Camilla.

Charles Camilla
Charles and Camilla’s actions during the COVID-19 crisis has garnered them praise. (Credit: Getty)

“It is sad that it has taken a national crisis of these proportions to make Britons see her unquestionable quality,” Simon wrote. “She has shown compassion in shiploads.”

This increased acceptance has sparked whispers about a vow-renewal ceremony.

“It would be wonderful if they renew their vows and give the nation and the Commonwealth a massive boost,” continues Phil. “There’s nothing like a royal occasion to lift spirits and take people out of the feeling of doom and gloom.”

Prince Charles Princess Diana
Die-hard Princess Diana fans will never accept Camilla. (Credit: Getty)

A second royal wedding for Charles and Camilla would offer the chance for a far more joyous and public celebration of their relationship, particularly compared to their low-key 2005 nuptials.

At that time, the palace was also at pains to explain that Camilla would never be named Queen, which was born out of concern of backlash from fervent Princess Diana supporters.

However, Phil believes that Camilla’s recent actions have led to a change in public opinion – and more openness about her future title.

“A recent poll on the SilverSurfers website showed that while 10 years ago only seven per cent of people thought Camilla should be Queen, now the figure is above 60 per cent,” notes Phil.

If a vow-renewal ceremony came to fruition, royal pundits believe Charles and Camilla’s daughter-in-law Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, would be given the honours of sharing an emotional toast at the reception.

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In fact, it would be the perfect place for them to officially announce their pregnancy, with rumours the couple are hoping to expand their brood any day now.

However, it’s believed that US-based Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would not attend for logistical and other reasons.

The ceremony could also be the ideal platform to confirm Camilla’s future title as Queen. “That the duchess still faces the prospect of being not Queen … becomes steadily a more outrageous insult to a woman who gives consistently superb service to her country and to the Crown.” Simon adds.

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