Prince Andrew declares: ‘Charles shouldn’t be king!’

The spare does not endorse the heir
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With rumours still rife that the Queen is readying to pass on her crown to her eldest son, Charles, word around the palace is the king-to-be’s brother, Andrew, is not too happy about the change in leadership.

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According to a report from the Express, the Queen’s second son does not think the heir will make a good king.

Charles and Andrew
Prince Charles (right) is first in line to the throne, while his younger brother, Andrew (left), is currently eighth in line. (Credit: Getty)

The report cites a video from TheTalko which claimed, “According to insiders, Prince Andrew doesn’t think Prince Charles should be the King… he’s apparently been very vocal with the Queen about this.”

The same source alleged that, when it comes to the scandal-prone prince, the most upsetting part is the “slimming of the succession for the crown.”

The insider explained, “Prince Charles has eliminated his siblings from being next in line for the crown… Now, the new rules make Prince Charles’ family the frontrunners when it comes to becoming King and Queen.”

Andrew has certainly fallen many rungs down the ladder.

Allegedly, Andrew (pictured) “doesn’t think Prince Charles should be the King.” (Credit: Getty)

In 1982, Prince Charles and Princess Diana gave birth to Prince William, bumping Andrew down a peg. Two years later, William’s brother Harry was born and the Duke of York, again, was pushed unceremoniously backwards in line.

Since then, the claim to the throne has been further rearranged by the births of William and Kate’s three children – Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis – as well as Harry and Meghan’s bub, Master Archie.

Now, the Duke of York lays eighth in line to the throne.

When you consider Andrew and Charles’ history, The Duke’s aversion to his brother inheriting the crown is no real shock.

Reportedly, it was Prince Charles who encouraged his brother, Andrew, to stand back from his royal duties. (Credit: Getty)

Since it was reported that Prince Andrew was ousted from the royal family following his ties to Jeffrey Epstein and the car-crash BBC interview that followed, it has been alleged that Charles was the one who encouraged the move.

Back in December 2019, a palace source revealed, “Andrew had no other option but to remove himself from public life, which he was told in no uncertain terms by the Prince of Wales.”

Perhaps Charles’ lack of support has rubbed the disgraced Prince the wrong way.

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