Maternal Meghan! How to replicate the Duchess’ best maternity fashion moments

No matter how big the baby bump, sure knows how to rock a frock.
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Meghan Markle sure knows how to rock a maternity frock! And now that she’s pregnant with baby number two, we can all get keen for some more iconic fashion moments featuring her gorgeous baby bump. 

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After it was announced that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expecting their second child, royal fans were desperately zooming into that latest photo of the royals to try and see Meghan’s burgeoning baby bump.

The black and white photo, while artistically gorgeous, hasn’t allowed us the full visual when it comes to the maternity frock Meghan is donning. 

But, never fear, we’ve gone back through the archives to find some of the Duchess’ best maternity outfits to reminisce on. And, hopefully, the royal will share some more… colourful… photos as she gets closer to her due date.

Scroll on down to see some of Meg’s ultimate maternity moments and how to replicate them. 

Meghan Maternity
Keeping it flowy! (Credit: Getty)

They say black is slimming but pregnancy bellies are gorgeous when shown off!

Meghan wore this simple but stunning Loyd/Ford pleated number ahead of Prince Charles’ investiture at Buckingham Palace back in 2019, when she and Harry attended a local market in Morocco. 

shopbop maternity dress
Dress Duchess style. (Credit: Shopbop)

While you may not have a prince on your arm, you can still don like a Duchess with Shopbop’s stunning pleated black Yuni dress. 

With its fancy ruffle trim, you and your pregnant belly will look as royally regal as Megs.

Meghan markle maternity
Smart casual have never looked better! (Credit: Getty)

When you have to give birth at 12pm but have a business meeting at 3pm.

During their royal tour of Morocco, Meghan and Harry took some time to learn all about the Non-Government Orgnisation called Education for All.

For the important meeting, Meghan donned a stunning white and light white tunic, perfect for some much-needed airflow. She paired the shirt with a smart blue blazer and black skinny jeans. And, no surprise, she’s rocking it!

shopbop maternity dress
Easy breezy! (Credit: Shopbop)

Replicating the Duchess’ look has never been easier with this adorable peplum button down shirt from Shopbop. 

meghan maternity
Navy is her colour! (Credit: Getty)

The Duchess sure is a fan of navy. And there’s no questioning why. Meghan looks absolutely stunning in any navy number – particularly when it comes to her maternity frocks.

The stunning sequined Roland Mouret dress on the left was donned by the Duchess when she attended a charity performance by Cirque de Soleil.

The middle Stella McCartney dress was worn during a thunderstorm. But nothing would deter Meghan from rocking a frock from one of her favourite designers. Especially considering the occasion was the opening ceremony of her husband Harry’s Invictus Games in 2019.

As for the sleeveless navy dress on the right, the Duchess donned this Dion Lee dress in Melbourne. This look was a recycled number that Megs had already worn in Sydney. What an ethically conscience Queen… or, should we say, Duchess. 

shopbop maternity dress
If it’s good enough for the Duchess… (Credit: Shopbop)

Meghan clearly has a soft spot for navy. And we think she’s on to something. This stunning Susana Monaco deep sea maternity dress from Shopbop is absolutely fit for a Queen. 

From the off-the-shoulder sleeves, to the mid-length cut, this frock will be turning heads all the way to the delivery room. 

shopbop maternity dress
Stripes are back in fashion! (Credit: Getty)

Gotta love a beach look! This Martin Grant maxi dress was also an Australian-donned number! The Duchess’ stripey dress caught the sea breeze as she strolled along Bondi beach hand-in-hand with Prince Harry.

Our favourite part of this look is the couple’s bright leis. Trѐs stylish!

shopbop maternity dress
Time to stripe it up! (Credit: Shopbop)

Looking for a stripey number to rival, or at least replicate, Meghan’s? Look no further than Shopbop’s Katana black stripe dress. 

While this frock does come with sleeves, it is black and tan like Meghan’s and is the same elegant floor length. So stunning!

Meghan maternity
Pretty in pink. (Credit: Getty)

Time for a brighter number! While Megs sure does love her navy’s and greys, the Duchess does not shy away from some statement pieces.

This absolutely breathtaking red, pink and blue flowy frock from Figue was donned while the Duchess was in Fiji with her main squeeze Hazza. 

And, look, the blue from Meghan’s dress matches Harry’s shirt – we love a colour-coordinated couple!

Shopbop maternity dress
Spoilt for choice! (Credit: Shopbop)

Looking like a Duchess has never been easier.

The Osaka floral dress on the left is a stunning mauve maternity number, while the frock on the right is an English floral gown. Both are from Shopbop and both absolutely radiate royal energy. 

Meghan skirt
From daring dresses to stunning skirts. (Credit: Getty)

Floor-length maternity dresses aren’t the only outfits that a pregnant Meghan has been known to rock. The Duchess has also donned some long maternity skirts – and turned a few eyes in the process. 

This gorgeous black Givenchy skirt made its debut back in 2019 on London’s red carpet during the Endeavour Fund Awards. 

maternity skirt
You can never go wrong with a skirt. (Credit: Shopbop)

Not only is this black maternity skirt from Shopbop incredibly stylish, its jersey fabric means it is soooo comfortable too! It’s the best of both worlds.

Meghan maternity
Lady in red! (Credit: Instagram | @herveybayecomarinetours)

Another beach moment! Meghan donned this loose red polka dot number by British label & Other Stories as she strolled along a Queensland boardwalk during a day out on Fraser Island. 

It seems the Duchess always wears her best looks in Australia. It’s a win for us!

maternity dress
Red never goes out of style. (Credit: Shopbop)

OK so it may be checkered rather than pola-dotted, but a little individuality never hurt anybody! This long red carmine plaid dress from Shopbop is the same radiant red as Meghan’s, while also having a highly nursing-friendly design. 

Time to rock some red like Megs!

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