King Charles takes the high road, forgives Harry and Meghan

He’s focused on retaining “dignity”...
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been making headlines since their explosive documentary series, Harry & Meghan was released on Netflix.

Mainly because the Duke and Duchess of Sussex repeatedly called out the royal family for having an “unconscious bias” towards race in the docuseries. Harry also claimed that his brother Prince William screamed and shouted at him and that his father, King Charles said things “that simply weren’t true” when he announced he was leaving the royal family.

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But despite all of this, King Charles has decided to take the high road and is turning his other cheek towards his son and daughter-in-law.

According to the Telegraph, Charles will “mention” both Harry and Meghan in a positive way during his Christmas speech, which was pre-recorded a week ago.

king charles
King Charles will reportedly mention Harry and Meghan in a positive way during his Christmas speech. He will also invite them to his coronation. (Credit: Getty)

He also reportedly didn’t want to edit out his mention of Harry and Meghan after the final episode of Harry & Meghan dropped. A source said, “There was no desire to make any changes to his carefully considered message in the wake of the increasingly ferocious attacks.”

Not only this but Charles is allegedly planning to invite Harry and Meghan to his coronation ceremony.

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“All members of the family will be welcome,” the source said.

The reason for Charles’ mercy is because he’s focused on retaining “dignity” in the wake of all the claims made in Harry & Meghan and believes forgiveness and silence is the best way to do that.

prince william princess catherine and family
The Prince and Princess of Wales have also decided to stay silent in regards to Harry & Meghan and focused on uniting the royal family at Kate’s Christmas concert instead. (Credit: Getty)

This is a similar reasoning as to why the Prince and Princess of Wales have also remained quiet in regards to the Harry & Meghan series.

Instead of making a public comment about the docuseries, palace officials said that William and Kate decided to focus on the Westminster Abbey charity Christmas concert Kate hosted on December 15, because they thought bringing the royals together in a show of unity was more important.

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