Kate Middleton’s strict mothering style EXPOSED

She doesn't hold back!
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Forever graceful and appeasing in the public eye, behind closed doors, Kate Middleton tackles motherhood a little differently.

WATCH: Prince William reveals the kids show George forces him to watch

Despite being swarmed with daily Duke and Duchess duties, Will and Kate have chosen to hire just one nanny, meaning the couple are close to full-time parents to George, seven, Charlotte, five, and Louis, two.  

And, when it comes to disciplining the little royals, not amount of claim to the throne will stop the 38-year-old from putting her foot down.

Kate and Charlotte
A Duchess and her little Princess, so sweet! (Credit: Getty)

Speaking to People, a source close to Kate has provided insight into the Duchess’ family life behind closed doors.

“It’s a normal, busy family home with kids running around and knocking things over,” the source revealed, “there’s no airs and graces.”

The friend went on to describe Kate’s motherhood techniques style, revealing “when you see her behind closed doors with the children, she’s a very confident mum, and she’s no pushover. The children get told if they act up.”

And it’s not just when they misbehave that the Duchess puts her foot down.

Will and Kate and kids
“She’s a very confident mum,” a source close to Kate revealed to People. (Credit: Getty)

Earlier in the year, a royal insider Katie Nicholl told OK! Magazine that Kate and Will have very “strict” rules when it comes to the kids’ screen time, preferring the young-ins to enjoy the great outdoors.

Though, the Duke and Duchess still indulge the little royals from time to time, allowing them to watch some TV.

Back in 2017, Prince William even told BBC Radio 1 that his eldest son George was a big fan of the show Peppa Pig, before moving on to become a fan of Fireman Sam.

“You have to pretend you’re really interested in it because George gets very upset if you’re not showing due diligence to the characters,” William joked with the show’s host, Scott Mills.

The Prince’s public confession even garnered the little heir a cameo in his favourite program. Gotta love those royal connections!

But, for Kate, it’s not all optimistic when it comes to motherhood.

William, Kate and kids
After Prince William admitted that George’s favourite program was Fireman Sam back in 2017, the little royal garnered a cameo in the show! (Credit: Getty)

Earlier in the year, the Duchess of Cambridge confessed she suffers with mum guilt every now and then.

Appearing on Giovanna Fletcher’s Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast, Kate partook in a very candid interview regarding her life as a mum.

When asked if she suffers with mum guilt, the Duchess earnestly confessed, “Yes, absolutely.”

“Anyone who doesn’t (feel guilt) as a mother is actually lying,” she added.

The future Queen Consort even went on to confess that George and Charlotte had riddled her with guilt that very morning.

“Even this morning, coming to the nursery visit here – George and Charlotte were like ‘Mummy how could you possibly not be dropping us off at school this morning?’” Kate told Giovanna.

From her tough-love policy to being conflicted with mum guilt, the Duchess truly is just like the rest of us.

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