Kate Middleton defies Queen in latest Marilyn Monroe moment

The Queen urged Kate to have skirt weights before!
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Kate Middleton has suffered from an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction while visiting a children’s hospital in the UK on Tuesday afternoon, which will infuriate the Queen.

WATCH: Moment Kate Middleton’s skirt gets blown by wind

As she got out of the car, the Duchess’s Dolce & Gabbana skirt was caught by a gust of win and was blown into the air.

Kate Middleton has Marilyn Monroe moment
Kate Middleton has Marilyn Monroe moment (Credit: Getty)

The Duchess of Cambridge was forced to hold down her tweed D&G skater skirt at Evelina London Children’s Hospital.

The Marilyn Monroe moment came despite the Queen often encouraging Kate to have weights added to her skirts.

The Queen has never had such a moment as she slips $2 curtain weights inside the lining of her hand-made outfits.

The small circular weights, measure just 1.2inches (32mm) across and weigh less than an ounce each – but prevent the royal hemline from flying away in a gust of wind.

Has Kate not learned?
Has Kate not learned? (Credit: Getty)

Of course, royal fans will remember the now-infamous moment Kate’s yellow Jenny Packham dress was blown up around her waist by a gust of wind while on a royal visit to Canada in 2011.


Kate Middleton expertly handles wardrobe malfunction

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