US report: Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle’s ‘plot to throw Camilla out of the palace’

The royal newcomer has an ally on her side amid claims Camilla 'has it in for her'

Duchess Catherine is reportedly already proving to be a protective figure to royal family newcomer Meghan Markle.

According to top-selling US publication Star today, the Duchess is making sure that Meghan doesn’t suffer any unnecessary difficulty with Duchess Camilla – William and Harry’s notoriously divisive step-mother.

‘Camilla never really approved of Kate, and things have been tense between them ever since,’ claims the magazine’s source – who outrageously alleges that Camilla already ‘has it in’ for Meghan.

‘It’s just sour grapes,’ claims the unnamed tattle-tale. ‘Meghan was welcomed into the family despite having being married before, while Camilla, also a divorcee, has been treated as second rate.’

It is well-known that Prince Charles struggled to get official approval for his marriage to Camilla before the Queen finally gave in and rubber stamped their controversial union. There have been mixed reports about the warmth of Princes Harry and William’s relationships with their dad ever since.

Star alleges that Kate has warned Meghan to steer clear of Camilla, who has struggled with public acceptance ever since rumours emerged of her alleged affair with Charles while he was married to Di.

‘The Queen doesn’t like Camilla either,’ outrageously claims Star’s source. ‘And Kate has no problem telling on her attempts to undermine Harry and Meghan’s romance. If Camilla was kicked out of the family, no one would miss her.’

The royal family has yet to comment on Star‘s report. However Camilla has spoken very warmly of Meghan during public appearances, memorably saying of the former actress, ‘America’s loss is our gain’. 

‘I’m absolutely thrilled, it’s brilliant,’ Camilla said of the couple’s wedding plans. ‘We are all absolutely delighted. As you can see, they are so happy.’

The controversial royal story in this week’s Star has stunned US fans (Credit: Star magazine)

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