How Duchess Sophie is raising Lady Louise to be a modern royal

Lady Louise is thriving after a roller-coaster year – and it’s all down to her mum!
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It’s been a year of huge change for Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh.

The 58-year-old has faced the passing of her beloved mother-in-law and the accidental death of a motorist following a crash with her cavalcade, all while watching her eldest child take her first steps into adulthood in another country.

We’re told Sophie, wife of Prince Edward, is “finally starting to breathe again” after the chaotic year, thanks in most part to watching her little girl, Lady Louise, thrive.

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The 19-year-old flew the nest of her parents’ Bagshot Park estate for Scotland, where she studies English at St Andrews University.

The institution is familiar to royal watchers as the place where the Prince and Princess of Wales met.

Despite the new distance between Sophie and Louise, their relationship is better than ever.

Sophie couldn’t be prouder of daughter, Lady Louise. (Credit: Getty)

“Sophie could not have got through this year if it hadn’t been for Lou,” says an insider.

“It was barely days after Sophie and Edward had bid farewell to their daughter that the Queen died, so it was a tough start to her first year at uni. Yet, she was nothing but a rock for her folks, especially her mum who was so close to Her Majesty.”

Our royal watchers consistently tell us that Louise – a favourite of her late grandfather, Prince Philip – is “wise beyond her years” and will one day be an asset to the royal family.

Louise was a rock for her mum. (Credit: Getty)

But for now, Sophie is keen for Louise to enjoy her uni years – within reason.

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“Sophie and Edward are so proud of their brilliant and tough daughter, but that hasn’t stopped Sophie from worrying about Lou up in Scotland on her own,” says our source.

However, if there’s one person who can allay Sophie’s worries, it’s her niece-in-law, Princess Catherine.

Kate has been a massive support for Sophie. (Credit: Shutterstock)

“Kate’s been a huge source of comfort for Sophie throughout Lou’s first year – and Kate’s not without her own connections back at St Andrews,” says the source.

They add that Kate’s encouraging Sophie to let Louise move out of the student hall and in with friends for the next semester.

“Louise is going to be moving in with a few trusted – and fully screened – girlfriends for her second year, and Kate’s been helping Sophie find the right place to rent,” explains our source.

Louise studies at the prestigious St Andrews University. (Credit: St Andrews University)

“Kate’s keeping her own eye on her beloved cousin too, knowing how easy it is to be led astray.”

While some teens wouldn’t be too chuffed with their mum and cousin-in-law getting involved with their uni life, Louise is apparently the opposite.

“She has no problem with her mum vetting her friends and even her dating interests. In fact, she’s grateful to have that as a buffer zone because she has been getting a lot of attention from wannabe suitors,” says a source.

Lady Louise Windsor, Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence, Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh, Princess Charlotte of Wales, Anne, Princess Royal, Catherine, Princess of Wales, Prince Louis of Wales and Prince William. (Credit: Getty)

“She’s yet to meet anyone she really likes, but there’s no doubt Sophie’s keeping a close eye on who she hangs around with.

“She has recovered from the shock of her baby girl being old enough to date and – after talking to Kate – is now gently encouraging her to dip her toes in the water.

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“Sophie’s hoping for Lou to find her perfect match at St Andrews. It’s certainly full of eligible bachelors and if love blossoms on campus, like it did for Kate and William, Sophie’s going to be over the moon.”

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