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The Block 2022 reserves and auction order revealed

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The Block 2022 has kicked off and we are in full swing as the reserves and the important auction order has now been revealed!

Tom and Sarah had the power to choose any auction order they wanted, but did they chose tactically or based on friendships? 

WATCH: The Block – The reserves are in

(Credit: NINE)

The Block contestants were shocked to find out that they all had the same reserve price of $4,080,000. Many contestants were hoping that the reserve price was going to start with the number three. 

After having a quick chat with their agent, Tom and Sarah revealed the auction order as: 

1st House 5: Omar and Oz
2nd House 1: Tom and Sarah-Jane
3rd House 2: Rachel and Ryan
4th House 3: Ankur and Sharon
5th House 4: Dylan and Jenny

Stay tuned for more updates!

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