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Nick Kyrgios & Shane Crawford: ‘Our Ninja Bromance’

Filming Ninja Warrior is a barrel of laughs for the two athletes.
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Fans are eagerly gearing up to see Nick Kyrgios swap his tennis racquet for a microphone when he joins the latest season of Australian Ninja Warrior as a sideline commentator.

But no-one was more excited for the controversial tennis star to join the show than former AFL player Shane Crawford.

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As the only sideline commentator last season, Shane loved having another host by his side, revealing that the two became best pals.

“I got to work really closely with Kyrgios, because we got to follow each of the Ninjas along the obstacle course together,” he tells New Idea.

“We were able to bounce off each other, and we would be in fits of laughter at times ’cause we were having a great time.”

Nick and Shane got super close while filming Ninja Warrior. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Nick also admitted that Shane was incredibly welcoming to him when he first arrived on set.

“Crawf was awesome. When I first got there, the staff, they were a bit on their toes – they weren’t sure how I was as a person and they hadn’t been around me before,” he admits. “But me and Crawf, we got along really well.” 

Having previously tested out the Warped Wall last year, Shane reveals that he “encouraged” Nick to try out some of the obstacles on the course, but the 26-year-old tennis star decided to leave them to the Ninjas.

Nick and Shane will join Ben Fordham and Rebecca Maddern for the show. (Credit: Channel Nine)

“I most definitely didn’t test out the course,” Nick quips.

However, Shane gave in to temptation, revealing that he had another go at the Warped Wall this season.

“I did – I had a go on a higher one this season and I made it to the top,” he boasts, before adding: “I’m like a big kid, so I would love to have a go on all the obstacles. I kept asking if I was allowed, but they were off limits, except for the Ninjas.”

One Ninja who knows the show like the back of her hand is recent Celebrity Apprentice star Olivia Vivian.

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Olivia appeared on all four seasons of Ninja Warrior, making history by becoming the first woman up the Warped Wall as well as the first woman to make it through to the grand final.

The warrior tragically lost her father in February 2013 to cancer. 

Olivia became the first woman up the Warped Wall in Ninja Warrior. (Credit: Channel Nine)

“As some know, I lost to my father to melanoma in 2013, so I’ll do my best to help make sure others don’t go through what my family did,” Olivia penned on Instagram.

“To learn and grow we must push past our limits, so get ready to watch myself and a group of amazing humans get uncomfortable and fight for a good cause,” she said.

The Warrior paid tribute to her father by choosing the Melanoma Institute Australia as her charity to support in Celebrity Apprentice.

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