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MAFS’ Patrick accidentally exposes what happens between him and Belinda

He wasn't supposed to reveal this.
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Patrick Dwyer and Belinda Vickers are one of this season’s strongest Married At First Sight couples. The quirky pair have divided fans around the nation but their relationship has only grown stronger with each passing episode.

However, ahead of tonight’s final vows, personal trainer Patrick has well and truly put his foot in it, spoiling what happens next for him and his on-screen wife. 

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From the moment the worlds “Holy Moly guacamole” escaped Patrick’s lips when he saw his blushing bride Belinda for the first time, we knew these two weren’t going to be your average MAFS couple.

Our hunch was proven right during the newlyweds’ honeymoon when Patrick gave Belinda a, what he even describes as, cringe-inducing foot massage, forcing the dancer to leap gracefully out of the bath. 

Luckily, the pair managed to put the awkward bubble bath behind them and evolve into one of the strongest relationships in the experiment.

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All the proof has suggested that the pair are still going strong.

Back in February, The Wash snapped Patrick with his wedding ring firmly on while having a boogie in Sydney. Later on, the same publication spotted Patrick and Belinda together in Melbourne.

While the sightings all but confirmed that the couple are still together, the duo themselves  refused to comment on the claims. That is until Patrick let something slip… albeit unintentionally. 

MAFS Belinda Patrick
Patrick has let slip a big spoiler about his fate with Belinda. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Speaking to Jimmy and Nath on Hit Hobart 100.9, Patrick opened up about his MAFS experience. 

During the chat, the hosts were adamant to determine whether or not Patrick and Belinda are indeed still together, even resorting to tricking the personal trainer into revealing much more than he intended to.

After Patrick revealed that out of all the grooms on the show he was probably closest with charity CEO Jake, one of the radio hosts saw his opportunity. 

“What does Jake think of you and Belinda still being together?” he asked.

MAFS Belinda Patrick
Holy Moly guacamole, this couple is quite quirky indeed. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Before realising that he was being set up, Patrick started to answer the radio host. 

“Umm” he began, before stopping himself. “I know what you’re doing there. You nearly got me.”

Even though the 27-year-old eventually clocked on to what was happening, that didn’t stop the hosts from tricking him again. Only this time they were successful. 

MAFS Belinda Patrick bubble bath
Even Patrick has admitted that this bath scene from his and Belinda’s honeymoon is cringey. (Credit: Channel Nine)

“Are there moments when you and Belinda are watching it when you kind of cringe and you go ‘I can’t believe we did that’?”

Patrick wasn’t so quick to realise he was being set up this time, replying “100%… we both cringe.”

The hosts then laughed, joking that he had just confirmed he and Belinda are watching the show together because they’re still together. Patrick then deemed the hosts “sneaky”. 

Holy Moly guacamole, we’ll have to wait and see what actually goes down during tonight’s final vows, but if all the spoilers are correct then consider Patrick and Belinda added to our list of successful MAFS couples.

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