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Are The Bachelor’s Jimmy and Holly still together?

They declared their love for each other in the finale, but here's the latest.
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The Bachelor came to a close for another year when Jimmy Nicholson chose Holly Kingston as his winner in 2021’s emotional finale.

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“Hol I want you to know that I am in love with you and I can’t wait for what the future has in stall for us,” the handsome pilot confessed during the finale when he declared his love for Holly.

But the question on everyone’s lips is if the pair are still together. Turns out, yes they are.

Jimmy Nicholson Holly Kingston bachelor finale
Jimmy chose Holly in The Bachelor finale. (Credit: Ten)

In a post shared to Jimmy’s Instagram account, the 2021 Bachelor confirmed that their love story is still going.

“Holly, I cannot begin to describe how lucky I feel to have you in my life. You have been my absolute rock over the past few months and I could never have asked for a more perfect person to walk into my life,” he penned.

“Your infectious smile, cheeky banter, constant love and support make me want to be the best version of myself.

“It started with a cheeky wine on the red carpet and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you, Jimmy.”

Yep, they’re still together! (Credit: Channel Ten)

Holly shared her own post with the same picture, captioning it: “I can finally say I believe in the saying ‘when you know… you know’.

“It feels so ridiculously good to share with you all that I’ve met my soulmate. It was a rocky road to get there, but I’d do it 10 times over for this guy right here.

“To my love – @jimmynicholson thank you for having my back since day one, for seeing through the mindless nonsense, for the endless belly laughs and for loving every part of me. I can’t wait to stumble through life with my best friend… even though you have no concept of a morning voice and you crunch in my ear during every phone call.

“@thebachelorau crew… I’m grateful to have met each and every one of you. My bestie @carliehodges – thank you for being my no.1 support through the good and the bad. You have a heart of gold. And @tahneerae & @lilykprice I’m beyond lucky to have found friends for life.”

She ended by remarking: “To the end of a chapter and to the beginning of a lifetime of laughter & love with the man of my dreams.”
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Since declaring their love for one another on the show, Jimmy and Holly have been updating fans on their relationship, including the fact that they officially moved in together.

The two are currently living in Sydney, and in a 2022 interview with WHO, the couple revealed why they chose to fast track such a milestone.

“I’ve had quite a few friends and family say, “Do you want to move in together straight away on the back end of a reality show?” When we decided we would, we hadn’t even gone on a coffee date or gone to a restaurant yet, because we’d been living in secret,” Holly said.

“So we’ve kind of done everything in reverse! But we’re still very much in the honeymoon phase. It still feels like a nice sleepover each night, but ask me again next week and see what I say,” she quipped.

Jimmy Nicholson Holly Kingston
These two are already talking marriage and babies! (Credit: Instagram)

As for when they’ll take the next major step, Jimmy hasn’t ruled out a 2022 engagement.

“It’s definitely on the cards,” he told WHO. “We do want to take things at a regular pace, but also I’ve got no reservations about Holly and I being together – I figured that out pretty quickly.”

“And I’m 32 now, and we’ve both previously been in long-term relationships. All my mates are getting married and having kids, and Holly’s getting really clucky,” he quipped.

And while the pair would love to start their family, fans might have to wait a little longer to see mini Bachie babies anytime soon.

“Ideally, we’d do a wedding before a baby, but you know what? If it happens in reverse, we’d be happy with that,” Jimmy said.

This article originally appeared on our sister site, Who.

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