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Aprons off! Every celebrity who’s left the MasterChef kitchen so far

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Celebrity MasterChef Australia has brought us a star-studded cast this year, but as the season progresses, fans will have to watch their favourites sent home one by one – unless they make it to the very end of course.

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With a total of 10 familiar faces appearing on our screens this season, the celebs will need to give it all they’ve got to really impress judges Melissa Leong, Andy Allen and Jock Zonfrillo to keep their aprons and stay in the competition.

Headlining this season is actress Rebecca Gibney, along with olympian Ian Thorpe, fashion designer Collette Dinnigan, Gordon Ramsay’s daughter Matilda Ramsay, and radio host Chrissie Swan.

Joining them in the kitchen is actor Matt Le Nevez, multi-instrumentalist performing artist Dami Im, football legend Archie Thompson, Fox Footy presenter Nick Riewoldt and comedian Dilruk Jayasinha.

So, who among this talented cast have handed in their aprons and were sent packing? Scroll on to see every eliminated celebrity so far.

chrissie swan celebrity masterchef australia 2021
Chrissie was the first to be sent home. (Credit: Ten)

Chrissie Swan

And just like that, the first one to go was none other than Chrissie Swan, who put in an amazing effort right from the get-go.

But unfortunately for her, on Sunday night Gordon Ramsay’s two-part elimination challenge, which saw the celebrities cook with egg and bacon, sent her home.

“I think I’ve had a very full MasterChef experience, all the panic, the things going wrong and all of it, I’ve had a bit of everything… it’s been fabulous,” Chrissie said upon leaving the MasterChef kitchen.

celebrity masterchef australia 2021 dami im
Dami’s cheesecake failed to get her over the line. (Credit: Ten)

Dami Im

On Sunday night, a dessert challenge got the better of Dami Im, and she was sent home from the competition after her Sweet Potato Basque Cheesecake was not up to par.

Following her elimination, Dami told 10Play: “I was really scared because dessert is definitely not my strength, so having to do that for an elimination was just so scary.”

She added that the pressure cooker environment got the better of her, and that on the show, “cooking became the stress”.

“I was not used to having that much pressure on me, because when I’m cooking normally, that’s when I really relax and have fun and get away from all the stress from everything else,” she said.

celebrity masterchef mett le nevez
“I want my family to have the greatest experience they can in the kitchen.” (Credit: Ten)

Matt Le Nevez

It was a blindfolded taste testing challenge that got the better of Matt Le Nevez, and he was the third celeb to be sent home from the MasterChef kitchen.

“I never had any desire to be on reality television at all, but to me, MasterChef isn’t that, it’s a show that highlights and exemplifies cooking,” he told 10Play after his exit.

“I really wanted a chance to learn from the judges and the experience and try and become a better cook, because families revolve around the kitchen and I want my family to have the greatest experience they can in the kitchen.”

ian thorpe masterchef
“It’s kind of frustrating leaving on that note.” (Credit: Ten)

Ian Thorpe

Ian ‘Thorpey’ Thorpe was the next celeb to farewell the MasterChef kitchen after the judges failed to taste his meringue in the final dish.

“The only thing I was disappointed in myself was that I hadn’t cooked my best food for the judges,” he told 10Play after his exit. “It’s kind of frustrating leaving on that note.”

“They should do another show called ‘MasterChef Weekends’ where you have all the time in the world,” Ian joked. “It would be FAR less interesting television, unless you’re talking for six hours about nothing.”

archie celebrity masterchef
Archie just missed out on a spot in the semi-final. (Credit: Ten)

Archie Thompson

During a service challenge at Hugh Allen’s Vue de monde, Archie Thompson was tasked with plating up a fine-dining dish that had to feature a native ingredient.

Failing to highlight wattleseed in the challenge, his time in the MasterChef kitchen ended, right before the semi-final.

“I know I’ve been pretty chaotic in this whole experience but I’ve managed to have some kind of level of calmness,” Archie told 10Play.

“I reached a point where it’s like okay, just breathe. I feel like I didn’t breathe that whole challenge.”

Dilruk masterchef
Dilruk was so close to making it to the grand finale. (Credit: Ten)

Dilruk Jayasinha

While he made it all the way through to the semi-finale, Dilruk Jayasinha just missed out for a place in the grand finale on Celebrity MasterChef Australia.

“Of course I’m gutted I just missed out on the grand finale after coming so close, but when I think of the context of how I far came with so little experience you can understand why I’m still a beaming smiling goofball,” he wrote on Instagram after his exit aired.

rebecca gibney masterchef
Rebecca was also sent home just before the grand finale. (Credit: Ten)

Rebecca Gibney

Rebecca Gibney was also sent home in the nail-biting semi-final, after her dish failed to get her through to the grand finale.

Taking to Instagram after the episode aired, Rebecca described her time in the MasterChef kitchen as “extraordinary”.

“From the moment I walked through those iconic doors to the day I skipped out arm and arm with the wonderful @dilrukj I laughed, I cried, I hugged – A LOT and I made friends for life,” she penned.

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